The advantages of EDI and the advantages and applications of pure water devices

Advantages of EDI

EDI can replace the existing mixed bed in the traditional water treatment system, which can continuously and stably produce high-purity water. The biggest advantage of EDI is that it does not use chemical agents for regeneration, so it does not require chemical regeneration agent storage tanks and corresponding neutralization tanks, and there is no need to collect, store and treat harmful chemical wastewater. As a result, EDI greatly simplifies the system.

RO application reduces the requirements for large equipment rooms, and the recent EDI technology completely eliminates this. Since the EDI system only requires that the ceiling height does not exceed 18 feet (5.49 meters), that is, no high tank exists in the usual equipment room, there is no special requirement for height specifications when the complete equipment is required to be quickly installed for operation Extremely important.

Another advantage is that the concentrated water discharged from EDI contains only the impurities in the incoming water. Generally, the quality of this water is better than that of the pretreatment system, so the concentrated water can be directly discharged to the RO inlet. Effectively eliminate the discharge of wastewater. In contrast, the regeneration of the mixed bed is a one-time process. Since the chemical bed is used to regenerate the resin bed, its waste liquid contains waste ions 3-4 times higher than that of the general EDI concentrated water. Such waste liquid is usually not recovered to pretreatment. In the system, it is discharged into the wastewater neutralization tank.

The running process of RO-EDI is continuous, and the water quality of its production is stable. It is not like the mixed bed at the beginning and end of each regeneration cycle due to the leakage of ions affecting the quality of the effluent water. This continuous operation method also simplifies the operation, without the need to set up operators and operating procedures related to the recycling of the cycle.

Advantages of EDI pure water device

  1. Small space occupation, omitting mixed bed and regeneration device;
  2. The produced water is continuous and stable, and the effluent quality is high, but the water quality of the mixed bed will deteriorate when the resin is near failure;
  3. Low operating cost, only electricity consumption for regeneration, no acid and alkali, saving material cost;
  4. The environmental protection benefit is remarkable, which increases the safety of operation.

EDI device application field

  • Power plant chemical water treatment
  • Ultra-pure water in electronics, semiconductor, precision machinery industry
  • Process water for pharmaceutical industry
  • Preparation of food, beverage and drinking water
  • Desalination of seawater and brackish water
  • Small pure water station, group drinking pure water
  • Water for fine chemicals and sophisticated disciplines
  • Preparation of high purity water required by other industries

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