What are the characteristics and applications of reverse osmosis and its association with EDI equipment?

Features and applications of reverse osmosis and its association with EDI equipment

reverse osmosis method has the advantages of compact equipment configuration, small footprint, low water production per unit volume and low energy consumption, and has been used in almost all industries. As mentioned earlier, it relies on pressure greater than osmotic pressure to flow out the desalinated water through the capillary action of the membrane without phase change, and it also has the sieving effect of the membrane, which can remove tiny bacteria Viruses and pyrogens. Therefore, it has developed rapidly since its development. It is not only used for desalination of seawater or brackish water, but also used for pre-desalination of boiler feed water and production of ultra-pure water. Pre-desalination before ion exchange is required. Removal of bacteria, particles and other industries welcome. In recent years, foreign countries have begun to believe that drinking water is mainly pure and does not require drinking mineral water to provide minerals, so it is widely used to treat general tap water to provide high-quality drinking water (commonly known as space water)

In short, because reverse osmosis is widely used and has many advantages, and since its development, the variety of membranes has been continuously increased, the quality has been continuously improved, the equipment has been continuously improved, and the scope of application has been continuously expanded. The technology will have broader development prospects, especially in combination with the EDI technology developed in recent years, the pure water manufacturing has entered a new water treatment period with good water quality, no renewable chemicals, and continuous and stable operation.

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