EDI ultra-pure water equipment is simply one of the ultra-pure water equipment. It mainly adopts the current advanced EDI technology. The effluent water quality meets the relevant industry standards and does not harm the natural environment. It has convenient operation and no The advantages of pollution, etc., are widely used in all walks of life in the society, meet the requirements of social development for environmental protection, and are unanimously recognized by the majority of new and old users.

EDI ultrapure water equipment pretreatment maintenance and maintenance

The pretreatment part mainly includes sand filter, carbon filter and softener. Boyang Environmental Protection generally uses manual multi-way valves in the pretreatment part. This multi-way valve is easy to operate and easy to learn and use. After the sand filter and the carbon filter are used for a period of time, the surface layer of the sand carbon will accumulate some large particles such as silt impurities and colloids. Then we recommend that the sand filter and the carbon filter should be used for 15-30 days after the equipment is used. Backwash, flush out the impurities on the surface of the sand layer and carbon layer to improve the filtering effect. The function of the softener is mainly to reduce the hardness of water based on the principle of ion replacement. Therefore, with the extension of use time, the softening capacity of the cation resin gradually decreases, and it needs to be regenerated with NaCl.

Maintenance of the precision filter part of EDI ultrapure water equipment

Precision filter is an important part in front of reverse osmosis membrane. Usually we will install a pressure gauge before and after the precision filter. When the pressure difference is between 0.7-1, the pp filter element should be replaced.

EDI ultrapure water equipment reverse osmosis part maintenance and maintenance

Reverse osmosis membrane, as a very important part of the whole system, needs more careful maintenance. When designing a reverse osmosis system, it should have an automatic flushing function. When flushing, the pressure should not be higher than 3 kg, and the flow rate is faster. To wash away the dirt on the surface of the diaphragm. The equipment produced by Boyang Environmental Protection has the above functions, which can be automatically flushed automatically at a fixed time, or can be flushed manually. In addition, a dedicated person should be arranged to observe and record the value of each meter.

RO EDI water treatment

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