What is EDI equipment? Is the technology good? How does it work?

1. Overview of Electrodeionization (EDI) System

Electrodeionization (Electrodeionization) for short EDI is a pure water manufacturing technology that combines ion exchange technology, ion exchange membrane technology and ion electromigration technology. It is a high-tech green environmental protection technology. EDI water purification equipment has the advantages of continuous water output, no need for acid and alkali regeneration, and unattended. It has gradually replaced the mixed bed as a polishing equipment in the system for preparing pure water. This advanced technology has good environmental protection characteristics, easy operation and use, and is more and more recognized by people, and it is also more and more widely promoted in medicine, electronics, electric power, and chemical industries.

2. How Electrodeionization (EDI) System Works

Electrodeionization (EDI) system is mainly under the action of direct current electric field, the dielectric ions in the water passing through the partition move directionally, and the selective permeation of ions by the exchange membrane is a scientific water treatment technology to purify the water quality. . Between a pair of electrodes of an electrodialyzer, there are usually multiple sets of anion membrane, cation membrane and separators (A, B) alternately arranged to form a dense chamber and a weak chamber (that is, cations can pass through the cation membrane, and anions can pass through the anion. Membrane). The cations in the fresh room water migrate to the negative electrode through the cation membrane and are intercepted by the negative membrane in the concentrated room; the anions in the water migrate towards the positive electrode and are intercepted by the positive membrane in the concentrated room, so that the number of ions in the water passing through the weak room It gradually decreases and becomes fresh water, while the water in the thick room becomes thick water due to the continuous influx of anions and cations in the thick room, and the concentration of dielectric ions continues to rise, so as to achieve the purpose of desalination, purification, concentration or refining.

3. Advantages of Electro Deionization (EDI) System

  1. No need for acid-base regeneration: In the mixed bed, the resin needs to be regenerated with chemicals, acid-base, and EDI eliminates the processing and heavy work of these harmful substances. Protect the environment.
  2. Continuous and simple operation: In the mixed bed, the operation process becomes complicated due to each regeneration and the change of water quality. The water production process of EDI is stable and continuous, and the water quality is constant without complexity. The operation procedure is greatly simplified.
  3. Reduced installation requirements: EDI system has a smaller volume compared with a mixed bed with a considerable amount of processed water. It adopts a building block structure and can be flexibly constructed according to the height and scent of the site. The modular design makes EDI easy to maintain during production.

4. Application areas of Electro Deionization (EDI) system

  1. Chemical water treatment in power plants
  2. Ultrapure water in the electronics, semiconductor, and precision machinery industries
  3. Preparation of food, beverages and drinking water
  4. Small pure water station, drinking pure water for groups
  5. Fine chemical industry, water for sophisticated subjects
  6. Preparation of high-purity water required by other industries
  7. Process water for the pharmaceutical industry
  8. Desalination of sea water and brackish water

5. Economic benefits and market analysis

The emergence of EDI technology has further reduced operating costs, has no acid and alkali consumption, and does not cause any pollution to the environment. This enables us to truly enter the era of green water treatment with low energy consumption. Each produced water is 3.8m3/h and consumes 1kw of electricity. Currently, commonly used products on the market, such as Ebara, Orgamo, Nomura, Nippon Rensui and Elga. They all have the common feature of high cost. Therefore, the company’s products have good development prospects. Its economic and social benefits will be exceptionally significant.

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