EDI ultrapure water equipment problems and solutions

Industry has developed rapidly, a large amount of water is needed in its production process, and the requirements for water quality are also very high. The effluent of EDI ultra-pure water equipment can meet the standards of the Ministry of Electronics Industry. This article will introduce the problems and solutions of the equipment.

EDI ultrapure water equipment has a low flow rate

The effluent of EDI ultrapure water equipment can be used in industrial fields, but sometimes the flow of effluent is unstable. It may be that the inlet water pressure is low, so check the feed water pump and pipeline immediately. It is also possible that the valve is half-open and check whether the valve is normally open. If the EDI module is blocked, please consult a professional technician.

EDI ultrapure water equipment has poor water quality

There may be problems in the application of EDI ultrapure water equipment, which may cause poor water quality. The reasons may be that the quality of the influent water exceeds the allowable value, the voltage is too low or too high, the ion exchange membrane is fouled or fouled. The solution can be to check the quality of the influent water and adjust the DC voltage to the specified range. Different brands of EDI are different, please consult professional and technical personnel.

EDI ultrapure water equipment extremely low water flow

EDI ultra-pure water equipment adopts more advanced technology and is the most efficient equipment with the best water quality, but there may also be extremely low water flow rates. The cause may be whether the concentrated water circulation pump is operating normally, the position and wiring of the flow switch, these two items must be carefully checked.

We now have very high requirements for equipment, and EDI ultrapure water equipment adopts the latest technology. The overall equipment is rigorous, and each system cooperates closely with each other. The equipment generally uses secondary reverse osmosis (RO) pure water as the EDI feed water, and the EDI outlet water resistivity can be as high as 18 MΩ.cm (25°C). Ultrapure water is suitable for the preparation of pure water with a resistivity requirement of 1-18.2MΩ·cm.

EDI ultrapure water treatment

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