Features and process flow of EDI ultrapure water equipment

Features of EDI ultrapure water equipment

In order to meet the needs of users, achieve water quality that meets the standards, reduce pollution at all levels as much as possible, extend the service life of equipment, and reduce the maintenance workload of operators. In process design, take water that meets national tap water standards as source water. There are media filters, activated carbon filters, sodium ion softeners, precision filters and other pretreatment systems, RO reverse osmosis host system, ion exchange mixed bed (EDI electric desalination system) system, etc.
The water tank in the system is equipped with a liquid level control system, the water pump is equipped with a pressure protection device, an online water quality detection control instrument, and the electric uses a PLC programmable controller, which is truly unattended. At the same time, it adopts recommendations and customer requirements in process selection. The unified method makes the equipment more cost-effective and equipment reliability compared with other similar products.

Overview of the scope of application:

  • Microelectronics industry: electrolytic capacitor production, electron tube production, CRT and cathode ray tube production, black and white picture tube fluorescent screen production, liquid crystal display production, transistor production, integrated circuit production, electronic new material production;
  • Pharmaceutical industry: production of oral liquid for the production of sterile medical water;
  • Chemical and chemical industry: production of ultra-pure chemical reagents and new chemical materials;
  • Others: precious metal smelting, magnetic material production, electronic grade clean cloth production, optical material production, etc.;

Typical process flow:

  • Pretreatment system-reverse osmosis system-intermediate water tank-coarse mixed bed-fine mixed bed-pure water tank-pure water pump-ultraviolet sterilizer-polished mixed bed-precision filter-water object (≥18MΩ.CM) (traditional process)
  • Pretreatment-Reverse Osmosis-Intermediate Water Tank-Water Pump-EDI Device-Purified Water Tank-Pure Water Pump-Ultraviolet Sterilizer-Polished Mixed Bed-0.2 or 0.5μm Precision Filter-Water Object (≥18MΩ.CM) (The latest technology)
    Pretreatment-first stage reverse osmosis-dosing machine (PH adjustment)-intermediate water tank-second stage reverse osmosis (positive charge reverse osmosis membrane)-pure water tank-pure water pump-EDI device-ultraviolet sterilizer-0.2 or 0.5μm Precision filter-water object (≥17MΩ.CM) (the latest technology)
  • Pretreatment-reverse osmosis-intermediate water tank-water pump-EDI device-pure water tank-pure water pump-ultraviolet sterilizer-0.2 or 0.5 μm precision filter-water object (≥15MΩ.CM) (the latest technology)
  • Pretreatment system-reverse osmosis system-intermediate water tank-pure water pump-coarse mixed bed-fine mixed bed-ultraviolet sterilizer-precision filter-water object (≥15MΩ.CM) (traditional process)
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