Why do routine maintenance of automatic boiler water softening equipment

Many industries will use boiler water softening equipment. Our company’s fully automatic boiler water softening equipment has very strict requirements on water quality, and water consumption indicators for different regions will be different. Automatic boiler water softening equipment is widely used in industrial boiler water industry, food industry and domestic water field.

The effect of the automatic boiler softening equipment is very good in the initial use, but after a period of use, the performance will decrease, so large-scale maintenance will be required. The reason is that the voltage and current are not properly maintained if the routine maintenance is not done. Stability, in order to prevent damage to the electronic control device, the input voltage and current must be stable. In the daily maintenance of the equipment, pay attention to the salt bridge on the salt valve, that is, rinse it with clean water.

15TPH softening system

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