What problems should be paid attention to when choosing softened water equipment?

When choosing soft water equipment, you must pay attention to a lot, and you must try it out before the formal work. If the test water hardness of the water softener exceeds the standard, it must be carefully checked for reasons such as pipe connections, water supply reasons, and salt tanks. There is also a resin poisoning, or a decrease in the communication capacity of the resin caused by aging.

In order to make the water softener reachable in future work, the water softener will also be tested. If the hardness of the effluent water exceeds the standard, you can forget to install the O-ring in the pipe connection, whether the ring is damaged, or whether the center pipe is damaged or cracked.

In order for the water softener to work properly, the amount of water and the amount of salt in the salt tank are important. If the amount of salt in the salt tank of the water softener is too small, the brine may be unsaturated and affect the regeneration effect. If the total amount of water in the salt tank is too small, it will cause insufficient regeneration. Perhaps it is too slow to inhale saline, and it is impossible to inhale satisfactory saline in a normal time.

In the water softening equipment, the bottom line is the raw material, and the raw water in the water softening equipment is very important. If the ratio of the TDS value of the water softener to the height of the resin layer or the communication capacity of the resin is too large, the test water hardness may exceed the standard. In the use of water softening equipment, the TDS value of the feed water needs to be more severe. The resin layer height is 1.5 meters and the total hardness is 13 mmol/L. Water softeners are mainly used for the preparation of industrial and civil softened water, such as boiler feed water, air conditioning system supplementary water, heat exchangers, power plants, chemicals, textiles, biopharmaceuticals, electronics, and the pretreatment of pure water systems.

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