Standard work flow and performance characteristics of fully automatic water softening equipment

The standard workflow of fully automatic water softening equipment mainly includes:

Five processes: work (sometimes called water production, the same below), backwash, salt absorption (regeneration), slow flush (replacement), and fast flush. All processes of different softened water equipment are very similar, but due to the actual process or the need for control, there may be some additional processes. Any water softening equipment based on sodium ion exchange is developed on the basis of these five processes (among which, fully automatic water softening equipment will increase the brine refilling process).

Performance characteristics of automatic water softener:

Automatic water softeners can be divided into time control type, flow control type, continuous water softening system type and multiple series, including single valve single tank, single valve double tank, double valve double tank in parallel, large multi-valve multi-tank series, etc. The combination form meets the different water needs of users. The flow type is the automatic regeneration of the set flow control, and the flow rate can be set according to the resin filling amount and water quality. The time type is based on the resin loading and water quality combined with the specific demand per hour to convert the time, and the set time controls the automatic regeneration (set the regeneration cycle according to the needs within the range of 7 or 12 days, and the regeneration time can be selected within 24 hours) . The automatic water softening equipment control system is technically shaped, easy to operate, reliable in operation, and microcomputer control, making it easier to operate and easier to manage.

  • High degree of automation, stable operating conditions.
  • Advanced program control device, accurate and reliable operation, instead of manual operation, fully realize the automatic conversion of each link of water treatment.
  • High efficiency, low energy consumption, economical operating costs. Due to the reasonable overall design of the softener, the resin exchange capacity can be fully utilized. The equipment adopts jet-type salt absorption instead of salt pumps, which reduces energy consumption.
  • The equipment has a compact structure and a small footprint, which saves capital investment, installation and debugging, easy to use, and stable performance of running parts.
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