Introduction to resin regeneration methods and resin preservation methods

Regeneration method of resin

When the resin is used for a certain period of time, when the adsorption capacity is reduced or the pollution is serious, the regeneration needs to be strengthened. The method is to add a 3%-5% hydrochloric acid solution 10CM higher than the resin layer to soak for 2-4 hours, and then perform leaching. column. Pass the column with 3-4 times the volume of the resin and the same concentration of hydrochloric acid solution, then wash with clean water until it is close to neutral; then soak in 3%-5% sodium hydroxide solution for 4 hours. Finally, the column was eluted and passed through the column with a sodium hydroxide solution of the same concentration 3-4 times the volume of the resin, and finally washed with clean water until the pH value was neutral, for use.

Resin storage method

Ion exchange resin cannot be stored in the open air. The storage temperature is 0-40℃. When the storage temperature is slightly lower than 0℃, clear saturated brine should be added to the packaging bag to soak the resin. In addition, when the storage temperature is too high, not only will the resin be easily dehydrated, it will also accelerate the degradation of the anion resin. Once the resin loses water, it cannot be directly added with water during use. It can be soaked in clear saturated brine, and then gradually diluted with water to wash away the salt. Keep it moist during storage.

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