Now that sewage treatment equipment is widely used, it can alleviate the problem of environmental water pollution. Centrifugal dewatering machine is an important part of it, so let’s learn more about the role of centrifugal dewatering machine today.

The sewage treatment centrifugal dewatering machine has the following characteristics: the continuous operation of the sludge centrifugal dewatering machine is the level of the centrifuge, which improves the technology and greatly improves the dewatering performance. It can accurately control the degree of mud drying and reduce the relevant process requirements for sludge drying. Stronger processing capacity , Higher efficiency, clearer water, full consideration of the nature of sludge, providing high torque process control, and more effective treatment of more sludge.

Excellent return rate: increase the sludge drying rate by 2%~3%, increase the processing capacity by 40%, and save energy up to 50%. Cost savings increase returns. In terms of labor costs, when labor becomes more and more difficult to hire in the future, labor will be saved, and the reduction of labor intensity will make your management more comfortable!

The structural characteristics of the centrifugal dewatering machine: all parts in contact with the sludge are made of stainless steel. The sludge is dewatered, completely enclosed and clean in the whole process, easy to install, small footprint, low cost, simple operation and maintenance, long running time, and reliability High, low noise, and powerful after-sales service technical support.

Energy-saving features: the centrifugal dehydrator is designed with dual motors, the control cabinet adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the dual-frequency design shared with the main bus is designed, which saves 50% of energy compared with ordinary designs.

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