What are the technical applications of sewage treatment equipment?

Now sewage treatment technology and equipment are widely used by people and become indispensable equipment in life. So today, let’s learn about the technical applications of sewage treatment equipment.

1. According to the size of the sewage treatment equipment, the foundation pit must be graded. The grading size is based on the soil conditions and the thickness of the covering soil above the top of the product. The grading angle is 30°-50°

2. The depth of the trench and the elevation of the water inlet and outlet connected to the sewage pipeline. When calculating the elevation, a 200mm sand laying size at the bottom of the trench should be reserved; Landslides, and also reserve a work site for the hoisting of domestic sewage treatment equipment.

3. When the domestic sewage treatment equipment encounters groundwater, the groundwater should be removed first, and the basic treatment should be carried out according to the size and requirements of the schematic diagram. Sand 200mm and leveling, no sharp corners, stones and other debris are allowed in the sand.

4. When there is no groundwater in the domestic sewage treatment equipment, the river water treatment will tamp the foundation, spread sand, and carry out the foundation treatment according to the schematic diagram of the quartz sand filter and the requirements.

5. For domestic sewage treatment equipment, in areas where the water level of the underground shallow sand filter is relatively high, it can be used to increase the precipitation and dig a groove, or it can use an open precipitation to dig a groove. When using open water to dig trenches, preparations before construction must be done. The modified filter material of sewage treatment equipment is to coat the surface of the filter material with modifier through chemical reaction, so as to change the physical and chemical properties of the surface of the original filter material, so as to improve the retention and adsorption capacity of the filter material and improve the quality of the effluent. . Filtration as a solid-liquid separation method is widely used in the field of sewage treatment equipment.

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