Advanced sewage treatment technology

The filter cloth turntable filter is currently one of the most advanced filters in the world, and 700 sewage plants around the world have adopted this technology. The filter cloth turntable filter has good treatment effect, high effluent water quality, and stable operation of the equipment. It has the only recognized reclaimed water reuse certificate in the world-Title22 certificate.

Filter cloth filter is mainly used for cooling circulating water treatment, wastewater advanced treatment and reuse. Reused as cooling water and circulating water after filtration: influent water quality SS≤30mg/L, effluent water quality SS≤10mg/L. It is used for advanced treatment of sewage. It is installed after the conventional activated sludge method, delayed aeration method, SBR system, oxidation ditch system, trickling filter system, and oxidation pond system. It can be used in the following fields: ①Remove total suspended solids ②Combine Adding chemicals can remove phosphorus ③ can remove heavy metals, etc. The filter cloth rotary disc filter is used to filter the effluent of the activated sludge final settling tank. The designed water quality: influent SS: 30mg/L, effluent SS≤10mg/L, the actual running effluent is better.

The characteristics of cloth filter filter compared with conventional filter

  1. The effluent quality is good and stable. The filter cloth rotary disc filter uses a filter disc with a filter cloth to replace the sand filter material of the traditional filter. The filter cloth has a small pore size and can intercept tiny particles with a particle size of several microns (μm), so the effluent quality and effluent stability are both Better than granular filter. However, the water quality of the conventional filter is poor due to penetration problems before washing, and the residual washing water in the filter layer will affect the effluent after washing. In addition, the amount of filtered water also changes with changes in resistance.
  2. Novel design, impact load resistance. The filter cloth rotary disc filter is equivalent to the combination of filter tank and sedimentation tank, and has the function of discharging mud. The sludge with large particles settles directly to the bottom of the bucket-shaped tank without clogging the filter cloth, that is, unlike ordinary filter tanks: all suspended solids (SS) must be filtered. Therefore, the filtration cycle is long, the cleaning interval is long, and the tolerable hydraulic load and sludge load are far greater than the conventional sand filter. The suspended solids (SS) load is equivalent to 1.5 times that of the ordinary sand filter, and the filtration speed is faster than that of the ordinary sand filter. Increase by 50%. Therefore, the cloth rotary disc filter is more resistant to the impact of high suspended solids concentration and large suspended solids.
  3. The equipment is simple and compact, with few auxiliary equipment, and low investment in the entire filtration system. The filter cloth turntable filter can be continuously filtered during cleaning. The sand filter cannot be continuously filtered during backwashing. To ensure continuity, an intermediate storage tank must be set in front of the sand filter or multiple filters should be used alternately. The filter cloth turntable filter adopts a small water pump negative pressure suction filtration and the water is automatically cleaned, eliminating many backwashing pools and water towers required by traditional filters. Due to the high backwashing intensity of traditional filters, air-water backwashing requires not only high-power water pumps and blowers, but also two sets of larger diameter pipe valve systems for air and water. The whole system is many and complicated, and the investment is high. The automatic control system is extremely large and complex.
  4. The idle rate of equipment is low, and the total installed power is low. Because the filter cloth is thin, it is very easy to rinse, and the cleaning is very efficient. When cleaning, the area of ​​the cleaning filter disc is only equivalent to 1% of the entire filter disc area. The cleaning feature is frequent but short cleaning duration (1 time/60-120 minutes, 1 minute/time). The overall amount of cleaning water is also less. The water consumption of backwash is about 1/2 of that of sand filter. However, the air-water backwash pumps and blowers of the traditional filter have many equipment, large and many automatic valves, high power, and high idle rate. The installed power is about 1/10-1/15 of the sand filter.
  5. The operation is automated, so the operation and maintenance are simple and convenient. The filtering process is controlled by a computer, and the interval and duration of the negative pressure suction cleaning process and the mud discharge process can be adjusted. There is basically no need for dedicated maintenance and management. The maintenance volume of the filter cloth turntable filter is small. The filter cloth turntable filter has fewer mechanical equipment, pumps and motors run intermittently, the filter cloth is less worn, and the filter cloth is easy to replace. If the filter cloth is blocked due to some reasons, the filter cloth can be easily replaced. For the sand filter, if the filter material is blocked, a lot of cleaning work is required. Moreover, it is very difficult to replace the filter material of the sand filter.
  6. The head loss is much smaller than that of the sand filter. The filter cloth of the rotary disc filter is generally 0.3m, and the head loss of the sand filter is generally more than 1.5m. The head loss of the sand filter tank is higher than 5m, the energy loss is large, and the operating cost is increased.
  7. The floor area is much smaller than other filters. Due to the vertical hollow tube design of the filter disc, a small footprint can ensure a large filtering area, thereby reducing the pool volume, reducing the amount of materials and the amount of earthwork, and significantly reducing the project cost. The filter tank with a daily processing capacity of 10,000 tons has an area of ​​no more than 15 square meters and a height of 3.3m. For technological transformation, the difficulty of insufficient space can be solved.
  8. Cloth rotary disc filter is easier to install than granular filter tank. After connecting pipe fittings and electrical equipment on site, it can be put into use. The granular filter often requires filter installation.
  9. Short design period and construction period. The filter cloth turntable filter is integrated and can be shipped as a whole. The design and construction are convenient and fast; and it is easy to expand.
  10. The operating cost is low, and the operating cost is less than 0.005 yuan per ton of water.
  11. The function of the system recovers quickly. The accident of the pre-filtering treatment system has a small impact on the filter, and the recovery is relatively fast. The accidental pollution is only on the outside of the filter disc, but has no effect on the inside of the filter disc, and the sludge in the filter It can be quickly removed through the mud pipe.
  12. Low requirements for ground base endurance, less investment in equipment base
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