With the rapid development of the economy, water pollution and environmental pollution are also increasing, and more energy needs to be invested in water treatment. Water treatment equipment has begun to be applied to mine sewage, and more water sources can be mined, thereby improving the quality of the effluent.

The main water of mine sewage comes from underground wastewater generated during coal mine operations, and leaching wastewater from mining sites. ingredients. If the wastewater is directly discharged without treatment, it will bring serious pollution to the surrounding environment and water resources and destroy the ecological environment. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively treat the wastewater in the coal mine site according to the requirements of the environmental protection department.

The coal mine is located in a mountainous area, and its waste water discharge is based on the site conditions. After the water flows into the drainage ditch and sedimentation tank, the water body turns yellow and the chromaticity is serious. Moreover, it is one of the pollution sources that cause great damage to the ecological environment in the coal mine water and sewage. Surface water and soil have a significant impact on the accommodation of aquatic organisms in the water body, increasing the toxicity of heavy metals and inorganic substances in the water body. In addition, it is also corrosive to mine pipelines and mine equipment. After flowing out of the mine, due to the divalent , ferric ions are oxidized into embroidery after contacting the air on the water surface, which is attached to the river bed and is iron red, which has a certain impact on the natural landscape.

Due to the different characteristics of mine wastewater, different methods need to be used for treatment, and because of the current state of the coal mine, the characteristics of the outflow of mine water must be different from the wastewater discharge during production. According to experience, mine wastewater contains a large amount of coal ash, rock surface and other suspended matter in production. Therefore, in the process of mine water treatment, it is not possible to simply judge the test results of the sampled sewage on site, but also to combine the coal mine water. Suspended solids mixed in water during production, as well as indicators of mine wastewater treatment during production, put forward effective opinions, that is, COD, BOD, SS, (suspended solids) PH, oils and heavy metals targeted by acidic wastewater. Fe, Mn, so the plan is to control the specific indicators of the mine wastewater accordingly.

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