What are the treatment methods of domestic sewage treatment equipment?

Now the living standard is gradually improving, but at the same time, the amount of domestic sewage is also increasing, especially in rural life. Today, let’s learn about the treatment methods of domestic sewage treatment equipment.

Rural domestic sewage treatment is to eliminate and degrade harmful substances and environmental pollution components in domestic sewage for harmless treatment. Rural domestic sewage treatment should focus on the selection of sophisticated and reliable, suitable for rural characteristics and practical sewage treatment skills. At present, there are many treatment skills applied to rural domestic sewage management at home and abroad, and the titles are also various, but they can usually be classified into two categories in terms of process principles: the first category is natural treatment systems. Using the principles of soil filtration, plant uptake and microbial differentiation, also known as ecological processing systems. The second type is biological treatment system, which can be divided into aerobic biological treatment and anaerobic biological treatment; in the need of operation protection management, this kind of biological treatment system is made into rural domestic sewage treatment equipment.

1. Constructed wetland treatment system: The sewage wetland treatment system is divided into natural and artificial wetland treatment systems. Natural wetlands are natural swamps. Constructed wetland sewage treatment technology is a method of engineering and practical sewage treatment based on natural ecological principles. new skill. Controlled dosing of sewage to the soil where the soil is often saturated and where swampy plants such as reeds and cattails grow, uses the absorption of plant roots and the effect of microorganisms, and goes through multiple layers of filtration to degrade pollution and purify The purpose of water quality is to make full use of the resting plants, microorganisms, and plant roots in the underground artificial medium, as well as the physical and chemical properties of the medium, to combine the natural and artificial treatment of sewage purification.

2. Underground soil infiltration purification system: It is suitable for a few scattered households or a dozen households to use the underground soil infiltration purification system. The underground soil infiltration purification system is a new type of small-scale sewage purification technology created by engineering and practicality based on natural ecological principles. 50 cm deep and in a soil layer with excellent dispersion. The dosing sewage slowly passes through the gravel and sand layer around the water distribution pipe, and is dispersed into the nearby soil layer under the effect of soil capillary. There are many microorganisms in the surface soil, and the root zone of crops is in aerobic state, and the pollutants in the sewage are filtered, adsorbed and degraded.

3. Aerobic biological treatment system: Aerobic biological treatment system is a commonly used treatment technology in rural domestic sewage treatment equipment. There are many aerobic biological treatment processes, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. When selecting, it should be carefully proved and compared according to the actual situation, and economical application should be emphasized. The biological treatment method is to supply oxygen to sewage through fans and other equipment, cultivate biological bacteria and microorganisms, and differentiate most of the organic matter in the sewage into non-polluting carbon dioxide, water and other substances through bacteria and microorganisms The microorganisms grow and are discharged in the form of remaining sludge, allowing the sewage to be purified and discharged.

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