What are the operating conditions for industrial wastewater treatment?

Nowadays, water pollution is becoming more and more serious, which seriously affects our living environment, especially industry. So today, let’s understand what the operating conditions of industrial sewage treatment are.

1. Ensure that the incoming water volume is consistent with the pumping volume. If the volume of incoming water is greater than the pumping volume, and overflow measures are not taken in time upstream, it may flood the bubble grids, and even cause the sewer with low terrain in the urban area to return water. operating state, damage the equipment.

2. The sump should be kept running at a high water level, which can reduce the lift of the pump, improve the efficiency, and reduce energy consumption on the premise of ensuring the pumping capacity.

3. The number of starts and stops of industrial sewage treatment equipment should not be too frequent, otherwise the motor will be damaged and the service life will be reduced.

4. The operation times and time of each sewage treatment equipment in the industrial sewage treatment equipment should be basically uniform, because the suction port of each sewage treatment equipment corresponds to a part of the volume in the sump.

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