Can temperature affect the effect of sewage treatment?

Now the amount of sewage is gradually increasing, which has a great impact on our living environment. As a result, different types of sewage treatment equipment have appeared. Among them, the temperature will have a great impact on the sewage treatment effect. Let’s learn about it today.

There are very interesting biological reactions in the process of sewage treatment by domestic sewage treatment equipment, in which the influence of temperature on active microorganisms is very extensive. Most of the microorganisms in sewage treated by domestic sewage treatment equipment are suitable to grow between 15 and 35 °C. Within a suitable temperature range, the higher the temperature, the stronger the activity of microorganisms and the better the treatment effect, whereas the lower the temperature, the worse the biological activity.

Within a certain range (15~35°C), as the temperature increases, although it is not conducive to the transfer of oxygen to water, it can speed up the rate of biochemical reactions. It is very impressive that when the rate of temperature rise exceeds a certain limit, irreversible damage will occur, resulting in poor sewage treatment effect. In contrast, when the temperature decreases, the transfer of oxygen to water gradually increases. Although the rate of biochemical reaction slows down, the impact on proteins and nucleic acids in microbial tissues is less, and irreversible damage generally does not occur. If the rate of decrease in water temperature decreases slowly, the microorganisms in the activated sludge can gradually adapt to this change. At this time, measures such as reducing the load, increasing the oxygenation concentration, and prolonging the aeration time can achieve better treatment results.

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