How to maintain the integrated sewage treatment equipment sedimentation tank?

Nowadays, the amount of sewage is gradually increasing, which seriously affects our living environment. This requires the use of sewage treatment equipment. There are many types of sewage treatment equipment. The integrated sewage treatment equipment is commonly used, so how to maintain the integrated sewage treatment equipment sedimentation tank What?

Sedimentation tank is an important part of integrated sewage treatment equipment. This part also needs our regular maintenance and management. The specific content is as follows:

  1. Frequently measure the concentration of suspended solids in the inlet and outlet water of the sedimentation tank to know the removal rate of suspended solids in the sedimentation tank.
  2. Observe whether the water outlet baffle is level and whether the flow is even. If the baffle is not level enough, it should be adjusted appropriately to ensure uniform water discharge.
  3. Observe the sedimentation effect of the sedimentation tank regularly, such as the turbidity of the effluent, the height of the mud surface, the state of the sedimented suspended matter, the condition of the floating mud or scum on the water surface, etc., and check whether the pipeline accessories are normal.
  4. Mud should be drained in time. If there is too much sludge in the sludge bucket, abnormal phenomena such as sludge corruption and floating, denitrification, etc. will occur. Excessive sludge discharge may discharge sewage, which will increase the water content of sludge and affect the effect of sludge thickening tank and drying field.
Integrated MBR sewage treatment

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