Comprehensive analysis of nickel-containing wastewater treatment equipment technology

The electroplating industry is developing very fast, and the annual water consumption and wastewater discharge are very large. The content of electroplating wastewater is quite complex, and many of them contain heavy metal ions and organic pollutants. Membrane separation technology is now more commonly used in wastewater treatment, and this method is adopted by our company’s nickel-containing wastewater treatment equipment.

1. Various methods of nickel-containing wastewater treatment

Electroplating wastewater needs to undergo advanced treatment to efficiently treat some waste acids, waste alkalis and heavy metals. There are many ways to treat nickel-containing wastewater, the main chemical precipitation method is to use chemical reagents such as ferric chloride to be put into the wastewater, which can achieve solid-liquid separation and the nickel in it can be recycled to the smelter for reuse. The ion exchange method uses resin to adsorb, and the electrolytic nickel metal can also be recovered.

2. Description of nickel-containing wastewater treatment process

The water quality content in electroplating wastewater is extremely complex, and it must first go through a pretreatment system. It can enter the raw water tank through the waste water, and increase the pressure to the bag filter through the lift pump, which can remove the suspended solids and colloidal substances. Then use a degreasing filter and a security filter to remove organic matter and oxides. Then the desalination rate in the wastewater reaching the primary reverse osmosis system is very high, and some enter the secondary reverse osmosis system with a concentration ratio of 5, and the concentrated solution is directly returned to the electroplating tank after evaporation.

3. Maintenance of RO membrane for nickel-containing wastewater treatment

The role of RO membrane in the treatment of nickel-containing wastewater is very important, and the membrane will suffer a lot of pollution in the process of treating wastewater. RO elements will be contaminated by inorganic salts and microorganisms, which may lead to an overall increase in equipment costs. The RO membrane must be placed in a clean plastic bag during equipment maintenance to avoid reacting with substances in the air.

Today, the rapid development of electroplating has also brought some problems. Only by solving the problem of waste water pollution can achieve clean production. Our company’s nickel-containing wastewater treatment equipment adopts membrane separation technology, which can effectively treat wastewater and also recover nickel. The automation level of the equipment is high, and the overall operation is safe and stable.

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