How to operate slaughtering and breeding sewage treatment equipment?

Now the aquaculture industry is developing rapidly, but at the same time, it also produces a large amount of sewage and pollutes the environment, which requires the use of slaughtering and breeding sewage treatment equipment. So how to operate the equipment? Let’s learn about it today.

The rural slaughtering sewage treatment system is divided into an anaerobic part and an aerobic part. When the system is started, it needs to inoculate microorganisms, which can be inoculated from the anaerobic digester of the running anaerobic digested sludge, especially the anaerobic biogas of the sewage treatment plant. Pond, livestock and poultry manure and alcohol waste mash, sometimes liquid inoculation is inconvenient to transport due to factors such as transportation and distance. The inoculum is treated as dehydration and can be transported back to the wastewater to be diluted to a moisture content of 96%, and then it can be submerged into the cooking tank and then filtered .

In some places where the sources of anaerobic sludge are scarce, natural rivers, lakes, wamps, ponds, stagnant sewage tanks, slaughterhouses, and bottom or factory sewage sludge can also be used. After the sedimentation sludge is settled and screened, the upper part is removed. The cleaning liquid, the suspended solid content can reach 2%~5%. After the operation of the rural slaughter sewage treatment equipment, the main work is to remove the slag regularly and check the water quality regularly. , the dredging unit can be cleaned once in 30 to 60 days.

By standardizing the design of building water supply and drainage, and the septic tank sludge removal cycle, according to the water temperature and local climatic conditions, it should take 3 to 12 months. Due to the conversion of organic matter into biogas anaerobic treatment process, the production rate is lower than that of sludge. The oxygen treatment process is an anaerobic treatment process, and in the sink treatment process, the cleaning cycle of the sewage purification tank is usually longer than that of the septic tank sludge, 2 to 3 years. When the water content in the purification tank is low, the water holding period is longer than that of the septic tank. It is long, the volume comprehensive coefficient is large, the temperature of the fermentation liquid is high, and the sludge removal period of the purification tank can reach three to four years. Activated sludge, granular fertilizer or fertilizer should be used after treatment.

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