What are the challenges facing wastewater reuse?

First of all, try to make the water recyclable, and use the industrial wastewater and municipal sewage that was originally discharged as new water sources, which can greatly reduce the demand for surface water and groundwater, and also reduce the amount of sewage discharged to the outside; secondly, in the recycling process At the same time as water, the pollutants accumulated in various waste water are converted into a form that is harmless or less harmful to the environment through methods such as concentration, incineration, and landfill, which can greatly alleviate the damage to the ecology. These goals can be fully realized through the adjustment of water prices, from government behavior to enterprise’s spontaneous market behavior. However, the use of wastewater as a new water source faces a new technical challenge. Because the pollutants in various industrial and domestic wastewater are very complex, traditional water treatment methods, including biochemical treatment, coagulation, clarification, air flotation, adsorption, sand filtration, etc., often cannot effectively remove these pollutants, and the wastewater It becomes purified water that meets the requirements of use. Recently, sewage reuse has been carried out in the power, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industries. It is planned to use circulating water, municipal wastewater, and oil-containing production wastewater after advanced treatment as circulating water make-up water, process water, and even Boiler make-up water, etc. In some water-scarce areas, work has been carried out to use municipal sewage as industrial and domestic water. These requirements have greatly promoted the application and maturity of new technologies-this is membrane separation technology.

Reverse Osmosis & Water Filtration Systems in Wastewater Treatment

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