A brief introduction to printing and dyeing wastewater

Now the sewage discharge from printing and dyeing plants is very large, which seriously affects our living environment and even threatens our health. So let me introduce the printing and dyeing wastewater to you.

The sewage discharged from the printing and dyeing factory contains a large amount of organic and inorganic substances, such as rayon fiber, starch, synthetic polyester agent, synthetic pulp, etc. Among them, some organic substances can be digested, and this process requires oxygen. Although other organic and inorganic substances cannot be digested, some of them can undergo redox reactions with oxygen and can also consume oxygen.

If the oxygen consumed by them is too high, such printing and dyeing wastewater will be discharged into the water and will compete for oxygen with aquatic organisms. If there is enough oxygen in the natural water, anaerobic bacteria will quickly multiply with these organic substances as nutrients. In the process of digesting organic matter, anaerobic bacteria generate toxic pollutants, such as methane and hydrogen sulfide. In severe cases, the water will turn black and stink. In addition, printing and dyeing wastewater has strong alkalinity and large chroma, and the presence of heavy metals exceeds the specified amount, which also pollutes natural water. All this will cause great damage to farmland and people’s health.

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