How to operate the buried sewage treatment equipment?

The buried sewage treatment equipment is a set of modular high-efficiency sewage treatment equipment, which treats and purifies sewage through biofilms, and fully exerts the functions of anaerobic biological filter and contact oxidation bed. The equipment has high biological density and resistance It has the advantages of strong pollution ability and stable operation and has a very wide application prospect and promotion value.

Operation process of buried sewage treatment equipment:

  1. The installation and commissioning personnel must first open the water inlet valve and outlet valve, start the equipment water inlet lifting pump, and transfer the sewage from the regulating tank to the local domestic sewage treatment equipment.
  2. For the equipment used for the first time and debugging, when the water level reaches one-half of the height of the equipment, stop the water pumping, open the fan inlet valve, turn on the fan, slowly open the fan outlet valve, and aerate into the contact oxygen pool for 48 hours Then start the water intake lifting pump to add the sewage to three-quarters of the equipment, and then aerate into the tank for 24 hours.
  3. The staff should touch the seasoning with their hands to see if there is a sticky sensation, and observe the growth of microorganisms in the water body until the biofilm grows before continuing to send sewage to the equipment. The water volume should be gradually increased to the design water volume.
  4. Regularly observe the growth of microorganisms in the water, and if any abnormalities are found, the water intake should be controlled and adjusted in time.
  5. To observe the flow pattern of the water flow in the secondary settling tank, the effluent weir must be evenly collected. Generally, the sludge must be discharged once every 24 hours. When the sludge is discharged, the sludge discharge solenoid valve is opened, and the sludge in the secondary settling tank is lifted to Sludge pond.
  6. The buried sewage treatment equipment adds disinfectant to the disinfection tank as needed. The water from the secondary sedimentation tank passes through the disinfectant dosing tank, and the medicine is partially dissolved to achieve the purpose of disinfection. After the treated water stays in the clean water tank for about 0.5 hours, it meets the discharge requirements and can be discharged to the outside water body.
  7. After the equipment is debugged and operated normally, the system can enter automatic operation, and the operation of the water pump and fan can be switched to automatic operation on site.
  8. Check the effluent quality from time to time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
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