When does the reverse osmosis membrane system need to be cleaned?

1. What are the precautions when choosing and using chemical cleaning agents?

  • Follow the guidelines recommended by membrane manufacturers and reverse osmosis professional cleaning companies on the types of agents, dosages, pH values, and thermometer contact time;
  • The best cleaning effect;
  • The minimum is to use strong chemical reagents;
  • For composite membranes and ultra-low pressure composite membranes, the PH range is usually 4~10;
  • For composite membranes and ultra-low pressure composite membranes, the maximum pH range is 2~12;
  • Clean at the recommended temperature, generally at 30~40℃;
  • Need to consider the impact of emissions on the environment;
  • Do not mix acid and alkali;
  • Rinse the cleaning agent with high PH value of product water;
  • If oil contamination occurs, do not use a local pH solution for cleaning at the beginning.

2. What needs to be cleaned?

  • Calcium carbonate scale;
  • Calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, strontium sulfate scale;
  • Water and metal oxide scale (including iron, manganese, nickel, copper, etc.);
  • Silica scale
  • Colloidal deposits (inorganic);
  • Colloidal deposits (inorganic and organic mixtures);
  • Organic sediments (natural products);
  • Organic sediments (man-made products);
  • Biological growth (bacteria, fungi, molds, etc.).
  • Note: Usually you need to clean a mixture of the above-mentioned contaminants.

3. How to choose a cleaning agent?

  • Determine pollutants;
  • Contact membrane manufacturers, engineering companies or reverse osmosis professional cleaning companies;
  • Choose general-purpose or special-purpose chemical cleaning chemicals;
  • Collect information on site and clean it (experiment and calibration method);
  • Provide membrane elements or scale samples to reverse osmosis professional cleaning companies for laboratory analysis;
  • Consider the cost of medicines.

4. When do I need to clean the reverse osmosis system?

  • When the standardized product water flow is reduced by 10% ~ 15% compared with the last cleaning;
  • When the product water quality after standardization is 10% ~ 15% lower than that after the last cleaning;
  • When the pressure drop after standardization is increased by 10% ~ 15% after the last cleaning;
  • Before long-term outage;
  • As a daily maintenance.
RO membrane Filmtec BW30-4040

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