Comprehensive description of reverse osmosis membrane chemical cleaning technology

The quality of our environment is getting worse and worse, and the pollutants in the water are also increasing. People attach great importance to their own health, and the reverse osmosis membrane in reverse osmosis equipment needs to be chemically cleaned. There are many problems to be paid attention to in the cleaning process, and proper treatment is required to maintain the continuous and effective performance of the membrane.

Problems to consider before cleaning reverse osmosis membrane

Reverse osmosis membrane is very important, its performance directly determines the function of the equipment, in order to make the RO membrane lasting and stable, the following points should be paid attention to. First, reduce the environmental impact (EDTA, fungicides, etc.) of the cleaning and discharge waste liquid to the minimum. Secondly, to minimize the damage to the membrane during cleaning, the first consideration should be to choose a chemical that has little effect on membrane performance. Finally, under the precondition of ensuring the cleaning effect, the cleaning cost should be minimized as much as possible.

Now for the convenience and safety of production and life, more and more water treatment equipment are used. Among them, reverse osmosis equipment is the most widely used, but reverse osmosis membranes are prone to pollution. It may be caused by improper pretreatment, and the system is not equipped with necessary process equipment and process links. Inappropriate equipment is selected in the system or the equipment material is incorrectly selected, and insoluble sediments accumulate in the membrane system for a long time.

Reverse osmosis membrane pollutant analysis

If you want to solve the problem of reverse osmosis membrane pollution, you must basically understand what pollutants are. The staff must regularly check and make detailed records to analyze the foreign substances left on the filter membrane during the SDI value test when the system is running. Analyze the foreign substances left on the filter membrane during the SDI value test when the system is running.

From the above, it can be understood that there are many reasons for the pollution of the reverse osmosis membrane. If it is the first cleaning, it must be operated by professionals. The frequency of reverse osmosis membrane cleaning is once every 3 to 12 months. If it is cleaned once a month, check whether the RO pretreatment system is normal. If cleaning is required every 1 to 3 months, the operation level of the equipment needs to be improved.

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