What are the prevention and control measures for mercury-containing wastewater?

With people’s research and application, people have mastered a variety of mature mercury-containing wastewater treatment technologies. According to the characteristics of different mercury-containing wastewater, suitable treatment methods can be selected. Let’s understand it below.

suggestions below:

  1. Source control to reduce the emission of mercury pollutants.
  2. Reduce the sources of mercury-containing waste discharged to various environmental elements (water, gas, slag, soil), and strengthen the control of mercury-containing pollutants.
  3.  Increase the monitoring and treatment of mercury-containing wastes, especially the degradation treatment of methylmercury, to prevent it from entering the food chain and having a significant impact on human health.

The above is the prevention and control measures of mercury-containing wastewater introduced by the editor, and I hope it will be helpful to users. Any sewage and wastewater must be treated in detail to meet the national standards before it can be discharged. The use of sewage treatment equipment can effectively improve the quality of sewage. If you want to know more, you can always pay attention to CHIWATEC

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