What are the methods of physical treatment of wastewater in the pharmaceutical industry?

Pharmaceutical industry wastewater mainly includes four categories: antibiotic production wastewater, synthetic drug production wastewater, Chinese patent medicine production wastewater, and washing water and washing wastewater from the production process of various preparations. How to treat synthetic drug wastewater. The physical treatment technology of waste water adopts physicochemical treatment, which can not only be used as the pretreatment of biological treatment process, but also can be used as a separate treatment process or post-treatment process of pharmaceutical wastewater sometimes. There are many physical methods used in the treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater, which are different for different pharmaceutical wastewater.

Air floatation

Air flotation is a process in which highly dispersed tiny bubbles are used as carriers to adhere to the pollutants in the wastewater, making the apparent density less than water and floating to the water surface to achieve solid-liquid or liquid-liquid separation. Usually include inflatable air flotation, dissolved air flotation, chemical air flotation and electrolytic air flotation and other forms. In the treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater, such as the treatment of gentamicin, oxytetracycline, and midemycin, chemical air flotation is often used. After gentamicin wastewater is treated by chemical air flotation, the removal rate of CODCr can reach more than 50%, and the removal rate of suspended solids can reach more than 70%.

Adsorption method

Adsorption method refers to the use of porous solids to adsorb certain or several pollutants in wastewater to recover or remove pollutants, thereby purifying wastewater. Commonly used adsorbents include activated carbon, activated coal, humic acids, and adsorption resins. In the treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater, coal ash or activated carbon is commonly used to pre-treat the wastewater produced in the production of Chinese patent medicine, mifepristone, diclofenac, lincomycin, and paracetamol.

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