Physical cleaning method of reverse osmosis membrane: electric pulse cleaning technology and hydraulic cavitation cleaning technology

Physical cleaning – hydraulic cavitation cleaning technology

Technical principle:

The theoretical basis of hydraulic cavitation cleaning pipeline technology is the cavitation and cavitation principle of fluid mechanics. Put hydraulic cavitation pigs in the cleaned pipelines to produce cavitation and cavitation effects. When the pressure, differential pressure, flow rate, and flow velocity of the liquid passing through the pig reach a given value, it will cause the pig blade to vibrate strongly and generate a large number of gas nuclei. When the gas core collapses, a blasting force of 800-1000MPa is instantly formed, so that the scales are loosened, broken, and peeled off from the pipe wall, and washed away by the strong water flow.

Scope of application:

Ash transportation pipelines in thermal power plants, mining material transportation pipelines, water supply pipelines, oilfield water transportation pipelines, various industrial and mining pipelines, and new pipeline sweeping lines.


It has the advantages of no corrosion, blockage, fast time saving, money saving, and good cleaning effect.

Physical cleaning – electric pulse cleaning technology

Technical principle:

The electric pulse cleaning technology is to use pulsed high voltage and strong current to discharge and explode in the liquid to form a “hydroelectric effect”, and the shock wave generated by the explosion will break the scale in the tube.

Scope of application:

Industrial pipe network, water supply and drainage pipes, boilers, headers, condensers, heat exchangers and other equipment.


It has the advantages that the cable can be descaled everywhere, without damage, and the descaler effect is good.

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