Overview and characteristics of ultrapure water systems in the electronics industry

1. Overview of ultrapure water in the electronics industry

Semiconductors, integrated circuit chips and packaging, liquid crystal displays, high-precision circuit boards, optoelectronic devices, various electronic devices, microelectronics industry, large-scale and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits require large amounts of pure water, high-purity water, and ultra-pure water to clean semi-finished products, Finished product. The higher the degree of integrated circuit integration, the narrower the line width, and the higher the water quality requirements. At present, the Ministry of Electronics Industry of my country divides electronic water quality technology into five industry levels, namely 18MΩ.cm, 15MΩ.cm, 10MΩ.cm, 2MΩ.cm, and 0.5MΩ.cm to distinguish different water quality.

2. Features of ultra-pure water equipment in the electronics industry

Ultrapure water equipment in the electronics industry usually consists of a multi-media filter, an activated carbon filter, a sodium ion softener, a precision filter, etc., which constitute the pretreatment system, the RO reverse osmosis host system, and the ion exchange mixed bed (EDI electric desalination system) system And so on constitute the main equipment system. The raw water tank, the intermediate water tank, the RO pure water tank, and the ultrapure water tank are all equipped with a liquid level control system. The high and low pressure water pumps are equipped with high and low pressure protection devices, online water quality detection and control instruments, and the electrical uses PLC programmable controllers. It is unattended, and at the same time, the method of recommending and unifying customer requirements is adopted in the process of material selection, so that the equipment has a higher cost performance and equipment reliability compared with other similar products.

EDI ultrapure water treatment

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