Common water treatment technologies in daily life

In the process of treating water, people generally start from the aspects that can be seen and smelled. What can be seen are coarse particles, suspended solids in water, etc., and even raw water cannot see the water and alkali that appear after boiling; what can be smelled includes peculiar smell. Later, people gradually realized that the water may be polluted by bacteria, viruses and heavy metals through various technologies, and various professional water treatment technologies were derived.

As far as the water treatment technologies commonly used in our daily life are concerned, it can be roughly divided into two categories: one is membrane (pore) filtration, and the other is adsorption filtration.

Membrane (pore) filtration technology mainly relies on the pore size filtration of membranes to achieve water purification:

  1. The pore size of the microporous ultrafiltration membrane is 0.01 microns, which means that all substances in the water body with a diameter greater than 0.01 microns can be removed, while those with a diameter of less than 0.01 microns are retained. For example, it can remove bacteria and viruses 100%, but there is no way to get water and alkali. Representative products include ultrafiltration machines, etc.
  2. The pore size of the reverse osmosis membrane is 0.0001 microns, and as long as the diameter is greater than 0.0001 microns in the water body, all of them will be removed, including calcium and magnesium ions that form water and alkali. Representative products include reverse osmosis pure water machine and so on.

The adsorption filtration technology mainly relies on the adsorption or exchange of some substances in the water body when the water body flows through the filter material (media) to achieve the purpose of purifying the water body.

  1. Use activated carbon and other materials as filter materials. Activated carbon can adsorb organic pollutants in water on its surface, but has no adsorption capacity for bacteria, viruses and water alkali. Representative products that use activated carbon as a filter material include water purifiers and central water purifiers.
  2. Cation exchange resin is used as a filter material. The resin can adsorb calcium and magnesium ions in the water flowing through them on its surface, but it has no adsorption capacity for organic pollutants, bacteria and viruses, which means that it only purifies calcium in water. ,Magnesium ions. Representative products include water softeners and so on.

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