The reverse osmosis desalination equipment is a combination of reverse osmosis and EDI technology, which can remove all the salt in the water, reduce the conductivity of the water, and produce high-quality pure water. CHIWATEC can provide reverse osmosis desalination equipment engineering and solutions to produce high-quality equipment.

Desalination equipment

The scope of application of reverse osmosis desalination equipment

  • Pharmaceutical water: large infusions, injections, tablets, biochemical products, equipment cleaning, etc.
  • Process water in the chemical industry: chemical circulating water, chemical product manufacturing, etc.
  • Boiler feed water in the power industry: thermal power boilers, low-pressure boiler power systems in factories and mines.
  • Food industry water: pure drinking water, beverages, beer, liquor, health products, etc.
  • Seawater and brackish water desalination: islands, ships, offshore drilling platforms, brackish water areas.
  • Other process water: automobile, home appliance coating, coated glass, cosmetics, fine chemicals, etc.

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RO for brackish water desalination

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