What are the advantages of reverse osmosis-ion exchange combined desalination treatment?

The reverse osmosis-ion exchange combined treatment method can reduce the impact of variable water quality and reduce the regeneration frequency, thereby improving the flexibility and reliability of the water treatment device, and has a greater choice in the selection of water sources. room. For example, if the salt content of the raw water increases from 1000mg/L to 1500mg/L, the working pressure of the reverse osmosis equipment is 2.75mpa, and the output is only reduced by 1%-2%. However, if the ion exchange equipment encounters this situation, the exchange capacity will inevitably be seriously reduced. This shows that the output of the reverse osmosis equipment has little to do with the water quality (salt content of raw water), but only changes in proportion to the osmotic pressure difference determined by the working pressure difference and the water quality composition. This is a great advantage of the reverse osmosis process. There are many advantages to using combined reverse osmosis-ion exchange system for boiler make-up water treatment in power plants.

  1. The amount of regenerant for ion exchange equipment can be reduced by 90% to 95%, and the storage space for regenerant can be greatly reduced.
  2. Since the reverse osmosis device can reduce the salt content of the raw water to the original 5%~10%, the salt leakage of the desalination equipment can be reduced and the operation period can be extended.
  3. Water that is not suitable for desalination by ion exchange (such as raw water with high salt content, treated urban sewage, water polluted by acid, etc.) may be used as the influent of the system.
  4. The desalination system can be simplified, and some water sources can even be treated with a mixed bed after reverse osmosis to meet the boiler water requirements.
  5. Substances that are not easily removed by general treatment methods in raw water, such as colloidal substances, organic matter, iron ions, silicon dioxide, etc., can also be removed.
  6. The service life of the ion exchange resin is extended.
  7. Usually the conductivity of the mixed bed effluent is 0.1μS/cm. The reverse osmosis-ion exchange combined system is 0.07μS/cm.
  8. Improve the adaptability to the change of water quality of water source and the reliability of water quality.
  9. Since the amount of waste liquid discharged from the desalination equipment is reduced, it is beneficial to environmental protection.

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