Application cases of pure water equipment for alcohol and beverages

Pure water equipment for alcohol and beverages, suitable for water for beer, wine and various soft drinks. With the improvement of life quality and sanitation requirements, people have higher and higher requirements for the water quality of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, especially in terms of taste and sanitation indicators. Our company develops industrial water equipment, which can pass tap water (well water) through a reasonable and efficient pretreatment system to remove particles, impurities, colloids and residual chlorine in the water, and then use high-tech reverse osmosis membrane technology to remove bacteria in water, Viruses and other microorganisms and most of them are harmful to the human body and release heavy metal ions, which can be directly used in the production of bar blending, which not only retains the unique mellow aroma of beer and wine, but also reduces the process flow and saves energy consumption. The system is set up for manual and automatic operation, which can realize automatic control of raw water pump, high-pressure pump and pure water pump. Automatic start and stop, automatic flushing, water-free shutdown, high and low pressure protection, thermal protection, liquid level control and other protection functions. The introduction of wine brewing, milk making, and beverage water treatment equipment is as follows:

According to the water quality regulations of pure water standard for drinking pure water and the actual situation of water source water quality, the system adopts mechanical filtration, activated carbon filtration, precision filtration and other equipment as pretreatment, and the host is a single-stage reverse osmosis device or a two-stage reverse osmosis device. Finally, through the ozone sterilization process, a reasonable and efficient pretreatment system removes particles, impurities, colloids and residual chlorine, and uses high-tech reverse osmosis membrane separation technology to remove bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in the water and most of the microorganisms that are harmful to the human body. Harmful heavy metal ions make the product water meet the standard of bottled drinking pure water.

the basic principle of reverse osmosis equipment

RO reverse osmosis equipment adopts the most advanced, energy-saving and effective membrane separation technology. The principle of reverse osmosis equipment is that under the action of higher than the osmotic pressure of the solution, other substances cannot pass through the semi-permeable membrane and other substances and water are separated. The pore size of the reverse osmosis membrane is very small, so the reverse osmosis equipment can effectively remove dissolved salts, colloids, microorganisms, organic matter, etc. in the water. The reverse osmosis equipment can produce pure water and high-purity water to meet users in different industries and different needs.

When pure water and brine are separated by an ideal semi-permeable membrane, the ideal semi-permeable membrane only allows water to pass through and prevents salt from passing through. At this time, the water on the pure water side of the membrane will spontaneously flow into the brine side through the semi-permeable membrane. This phenomenon is called For permeation, if pressure is applied on the brine side of the membrane, the spontaneous flow of water will be inhibited and slowed down. When the applied pressure reaches a certain value, the net flow of water through the membrane is equal to zero. This pressure is called the osmotic pressure. When When the pressure exerted on the brine side of the membrane is greater than the osmotic pressure, the flow direction of the water will be reversed. At this time, the water in the brine will flow into the pure water side. The above phenomenon is the basic principle of reverse osmosis (RO) treatment of water.

Introduction to reverse osmosis

RO (Reverse Osmosis) reverse osmosis technology is a membrane separation and filtration technology that uses pressure gauge difference as power. It originated from the research of aerospace technology in the 1960s in the United States, and was gradually transformed into civilian use. It has been widely used in scientific research, medicine, Food, beverage, desalination and other fields.

The pore size of RO reverse osmosis membrane is as small as nanometer (1 nanometer = 10-9 meters). Under a certain pressure, H2O molecules can pass through the RO membrane, while inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, organic matter, colloids, bacteria, viruses, etc. Impurities cannot pass through the RO membrane, so that the pure water that can permeate and the concentrated water that cannot permeate are strictly separated.

For general tap water after RO membrane filtration, the conductivity of pure water is 5μs/cm (after RO membrane filtration, effluent conductivity = inlet water conductivity × salt removal rate, and generally, the salt removal rate of imported reverse osmosis membranes can reach more than 99%, and it can be operated within 5 years). It can guarantee more than 97%. For those with high requirements on effluent conductivity, two-stage reverse osmosis can be used, and then after simple treatment, the water conductivity can be less than 1μs/cm), which meets the national laboratory three-level water standard. After cyclic filtration through an atomic-level ion exchange column, the effluent resistivity can reach 18.2M .cm.

Scope of application

Preparation of space water, purified water, distilled water, etc.; Alcohol manufacturing and degraded water; Pre-preparation of water in medicine, electronics and other industries; Concentration, separation, purification and water distribution preparation of chemical processes; Boiler supply water Demineralized soft water; Seawater, bitter Salt water desalination; water and wastewater treatment in papermaking, electroplating, printing and dyeing industries.

the introduction of reverse osmosis equipment configuration

1. Pretreatment of reverse osmosis equipment

It consists of multi-media filter, activated carbon filter and automatic water softener.

  • Multi-media filter: It is composed of automatic control valve, glass fiber reinforced plastic tank and quartz sand with different gradation ratios. It can effectively remove the suspended solids and some colloidal substances in the raw water, and reduce the turbidity in the raw water. And can automatically backwash.
  • Activated carbon filter: It is composed of automatic control valve, high-quality glass jar and activated carbon of different water purification grades. It can effectively adsorb heavy metals, free chlorine, chloroform and other harmful substances in raw water. And can automatically backwash.
  • Food-grade water softener: It is composed of automatic control valve, high-quality glass fiber reinforced plastic tank and food-grade resin. The food-grade water softener can effectively remove calcium and magnesium ions from water. So that the reverse osmosis equipment will not affect the service life of the reverse osmosis membrane due to scaling during operation. And can automatically regenerate.

2. The host part of the reverse osmosis equipment

The host of reverse osmosis water purification equipment is mainly composed of security filter, high pressure pump, reverse osmosis membrane and various control and display instruments.

  • Security filter: The security filter is the last protection before the raw water enters the membrane. It can effectively remove substances larger than 5μm leaked from pretreatment. The main purpose is to prevent suspended particles from entering the reverse osmosis membrane element and depositing on the membrane surface to contaminate the membrane element.
  • High-pressure pump: Provide the pressure required for reverse osmosis to ensure the separation of solvent and solute. High pressure pump is one of the key components of reverse osmosis equipment.
  • Reverse osmosis membrane group: The reverse osmosis membrane group is composed of polymeric fibers with a highly ordered matrix structure. Its pore size is 1-10 angstroms, that is, one ten billionth of a meter to one billionth of a meter (equivalent to one six thousandth of the size of Escherichia coli and one three thousandth of the virus), using a reverse osmosis membrane It can effectively remove impurities such as dissolved salts, colloids, organics, heavy metals, trihalomethane intermediates, bacteria and microorganisms produced by chlorination in the solvent.
  • Reverse osmosis membrane shell: used to accommodate reverse osmosis membrane elements, pressurized and generate a high-pressure environment for reverse osmosis operation.
  • Flowmeter: pure water flowmeter and concentrated water flowmeter measure the instant flow of RO pure water and concentrated water respectively.
  • Pressure gauge: measure the water pressure everywhere in the reverse osmosis equipment.
  • Concentrated water regulating valve: used to adjust the operating pressure, pure water and concentrated ratio, and pure water output of RO equipment.
  • Conductivity meter: Monitor the conductivity of reverse osmosis effluent.
  • Low pressure switch: to prevent the RO high pressure pump from idling or working under extreme low pressure.
  • Liquid level controller: Automatically stop or start the reverse osmosis equipment according to the liquid level of the raw water tank and the pure water tank.
  • Electronic control system: including conductivity meter and other instruments and control equipment, is the control center of reverse osmosis equipment.

The use of reverse osmosis equipment to manufacture pure water and high-purity water requires comprehensive design according to each user’s industry characteristics, equipment water production requirements, and on-site working conditions.

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