Pharmaceutical pure water system engineering case

Modular design is an effective way to coordinate diverse needs of customers, achieve rapid response and reduce product costs. The dosing/CIP system combines the two needs of customers for dosing and cleaning, and carries out a modular design. It combines the processes of thick dosing, thin dosing, filtration, sterilization, and clean liquid delivery on a modular device, making the system The operation is convenient, the material is operated in a closed manner, the two-way pollution is reduced, and it meets the requirements of GMP. It is mainly used for dissolving, preparing, cleaning and sterilizing large infusions, aqueous injections, freeze-dried powder injections, vaccines and other liquid medicines.

Advantages of pharmaceutical pure water system

  • Fully automatic operation mode prevents production loss caused by personnel misoperation.
  • Components are made of SS316L material
  • CIP products with PLC control
  • Record and save the parameters and steps of the cleaning process
  • Traceability and accountability to meet cGMP requirements
  • Can effectively isolate and save space.
  • Fast changeover between production and cleaning

Process flow of pharmaceutical pure water system

  1. Raw water – Raw water booster pump – Multi-media filter – Activated carbon filter – Water softener – Precision filter – Primary reverse osmosis – PH adjustment – Intermediate water tank – Secondary reverse osmosis – Purified water tank – Pure water pump – Ultraviolet sterilizer – Micro Hole filter – new recommended new technology for water point;
  2. Raw water – Raw water booster pump – Multimedia filter – Activated carbon filter – Water softener – Precision filter – Primary reverse osmosis – Intermediate water tank – Ion exchanger – Purified water tank – Pure water pump – Ultraviolet sterilizer – Microporous filter Utensils – the traditional craft of water points;
  3. Raw water – raw water pressurized pump – multi-media filter – activated carbon filter – water softener – precision filter – primary reverse osmosis – intermediate water tank – intermediate water pump – EDI system – purified water tank – pure water pump – ultraviolet sterilizer – micro Pore filter – new process of water point;

Complete documentation system of pharmaceutical pure water system

  • Documents comply with GMP requirements
  • Automatic control system can comply with GAMP5
  • 3Q documents meet the needs of pharmaceutical factory verification
  • Provide reliable storage, distribution, and transportation pipeline systems to meet the various water needs of various points of use in pharmaceutical factories, minimize the factors that affect water quality, and ensure that the water at the point of use is better than the requirements of the Pharmacopoeia.
  • Pharmaceutical pure water system storage distribution unit
  • Design with PW/WFI storage tank emptying times in mind
  • Online monitoring of temperature, pressure and flow can be realized
  • Ensure that the circuit is turbulent (flow velocity greater than 1m/s), and maintain positive pressure in the circuit
  • Pump body frequency conversion control, energy saving and high efficiency
  • Periodically sterilized at 80°C
  • Make sure to drain the entire system completely.
  • Hygienic design of components, equipment, pipes and accessories
  • Standard multi-parameter recorder
  • Standard S7-300 Siemens control system
  • Fully automatic control, 10″ color touch screen
  • Integrated modular assembly, convenient operation, and easy observation of various parameters
  • Storage tanks and distribution skids comply with China GMP, EU GMP and FDAcGMP requirements

Pharmaceutical pure water system Clean piping system

  1. Provide pharmaceutical factories with various clean gas and material delivery pipelines, equipped with appropriate valves and instruments.
  2. The entire pipeline system is carried out in accordance with GMP requirements, material control, construction control, pressure testing, and a document package that is easy to pass verification is formed.
  3. Hygienic Diaphragm Valves
  4. ISO, ASME BPE and other standard piping systems
  5. Piping system with inner wall finish Ra<0.6um or Ra<0.4um
  6. Construction follows standard SOP procedures
  7. professional welding

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