What are the precautions for the operation of RO reverse osmosis pure water host?

  1. When the equipment is used for the first time, the pure water produced should be discharged for at least one hour before being collected and used.
  2. The function of the regulating valve after the pump is to adjust the inlet pressure and flow rate of the high-pressure pump to the RO reverse osmosis system. Its closing and opening will affect the pressure and water production of the RO reverse osmosis system. During the system adjustment process, the adjustment valve after the pump can maintain an appropriate opening to reserve the capacity of the pump. The regulating valve after the pump should be opened as much as possible to increase the membrane flow; the role of the concentrated water regulating valve is to adjust the pressure of the RO system, so as to adjust the ratio of pure water to concentrated water and adjust the water production. In the whole process, the four valves should be adjusted in coordination with the concentrated water regulating valve as the main focus, and finally the rated indicators and requirements should be met. The operating parameters should be subject to the above-mentioned setting data, and random changes will result in serious operation safety of the equipment.
  3. Observe the flow and pressure of the primary and secondary concentrated drainage and product water, and the regulation equipment is in normal operation. Generally, it is not necessary to adjust the host after system debugging and normal operation. When the water level of the pure water tank reaches a high level, the RO reverse osmosis purified water system will automatically stop, and the flushing pump will automatically start for 2 minutes to flush the primary RO membrane at low pressure to replace the concentrated water in the membrane shell. Prevent a small amount of colloids in the hard water in the RO membrane shell. Mixed colloids, metal oxides, slightly soluble salts, etc. crystallize and precipitate on the surface of the membrane element.
  4. When an alarm indication occurs during operation (the original water tank is short of water, the first-stage RO inlet pressure is low or high, and the second-stage RO inlet pressure is low or high), the system RO reverse osmosis host will stop running and automatically shut down. When in operation, the pump is overloaded and there will be no fault alarm and shutdown. Reset the overload protection after adjustment to restart.
RO water purification system

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