R.O reverse osmosis is currently the most advanced equipment used to make pure water in the world, and it is widely used in food, hospital, commerce, industry and other industries. It filters water from the R.O membrane with a pore size of less than 50 millionths of a millimeter under high pressure. Effectively remove all harmful substances such as microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticides and so on in the water. In the production process, the membrane needs to be cleaned once every three months. There is no need to increase the second investment of sewage and environmental protection. The RO reverse osmosis water purifier is designed and equipped with reasonable precision. All parts of the control system are fully automatic, safe and simple. Easy maintenance .RO membrane only needs regular cleaning and maintenance to extend its service life. Economical and affordable, the flow can be designed according to the actual needs of the user, and it can be divided into primary or secondary reverse osmosis (depending on the required water quality). The actual plant location design equipment size.

Weakly alkaline ionized water (weakly alkaline water, small molecular cluster active water) features: high oxygen content, activate cells, enhance immunity, strong dissolving power, easy to absorb, accelerate the excretion of toxins in the body, closest to human cell water, long-term drinking , Improve the human body’s microcirculation, promote new production and metabolism, and be beneficial to health. Weakly alkaline ionized water is sweet and lubricating, and the price is moderate. It is an ideal choice for daily drinking water.

Security: Reverse osmosis: also known as reverse osmosis. Contrary to the phenomenon of penetration, it is not a natural phenomenon, but a man-made phenomenon. Reverse osmosis refers to the phenomenon that the solvent in a high-concentration solution passes through a semi-permeable membrane to transfer to a low-concentration solution under a certain pressure. The realization of reverse osmosis phenomenon needs to overcome the osmotic pressure. Reverse osmosis membrane: also known as reverse osmosis, the English name is: Reverse Osmosis Membrane, referred to as R/O membrane.

The reverse osmosis membrane is a semi-permeable membrane artificially synthesized by a special process in order to realize the reverse osmosis phenomenon of the aqueous solution. The pore size of the reverse osmosis membrane is 0.0001 micrometers (μm), and only water molecules can pass through, while the solute cannot pass through the reverse osmosis membrane. In the water purification system of the water purifier, the reverse osmosis membrane specifically refers to the formed reverse osmosis membrane filter element. The reverse osmosis membrane filter element is the core component of the water purification system of the water purifier. Only when a reverse osmosis membrane is used can it be called a water purifier. RO membrane can remove heavy metals, chemical substances, particles, bacteria, viruses, radioactive substances and other substances harmful to the human body in the water.

CSM reverse osmosis membrane (Reverse Osmosis R/O) is a membrane separation technology developed and changed in the 1960s. It ranks among the world’s advanced technologies due to its great advantages compared with traditional processes. The surface separation pore diameter of the reverse osmosis membrane is 0.0001 micron, which can separate ions. It can be used in the water purification industry to remove impurities, ionic bacteria, and organic matter in the water, making it non-polluting, non-ionic, non-organic, and non-bacterial. Quality drinks. It has been widely used in: electronic ultrapure water, pharmaceutical, medical sterile water, chemical industry, textile, electric power, biochemical pure water and boiler feed water, seawater desalination, drinking water, food, beverage and various aqueous solutions desalination, purification and concentration process And many other aspects. In aircraft carriers, luxury passenger ships, etc., the purified water is directly made into edible water for use. Astronauts (astronauts) on NASA’s manned spacecraft also use R/O water.

Underground Reverse Osmosis Plant

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