Analysis of filtration technology in sewage treatment equipment

Our living standard is getting higher and higher, but it will also bring some problems, among which the pollution of the water environment is particularly serious. Sewage treatment equipment can be used to treat industrial sewage and domestic sewage, and the most basic filtration technology is indispensable. This article will analyze the filtration technology in sewage treatment equipment, including the classification of filters, filtration technology and the impact on water treatment.

1. Overview of sewage treatment equipment

The sewage treatment equipment adopts membrane bioreactor (Membrane Bioreactor, referred to as MBR) technology, which is a new process combining biological treatment technology and membrane separation technology. It replaces the secondary sedimentation tank in the traditional process. , to obtain stable reclaimed water for direct use. It can also maintain a high concentration of microorganisms in the biological pool, the process residual sludge is less, the ammonia nitrogen can be removed very effectively, the suspended solids and turbidity of the effluent are close to zero, and the bacteria and viruses in the effluent are greatly destroyed It has low energy consumption and small footprint. In the 1970s, membrane bioreactors have been used in research work on sewage and wastewater treatment in the United States, Japan, South Africa and many European countries. The water source is taken from domestic sewage (such as showers). Drainage, toilet drainage, laundry drainage, kitchen drainage, toilet drainage, etc.] and cooling water.

2. the process flow of sewage treatment equipment

Raw water→grid→adjustment tank→lift pump→bioreactor→circulation pump→membrane module→disinfection device→reclaimed water storage tank→reclaimed water water system

3. Filtration technology of sewage treatment equipment

Modern people attach great importance to the living environment, and have strict requirements for the treatment of various types of industrial sewage and domestic sewage with serious pollution. The application of filtration technology is indispensable in water treatment equipment. The filtration technology is mainly constant pressure filtration and constant speed filtration, which all depend on the area, time and flow of backwashing. Constant pressure filtration is to carry out backwashing when the pressure is constant and the minimum flow of sewage is carried out.

4. Filter media for sewage treatment equipment

The content of industrial sewage, especially that of heavy industrial enterprises, is extremely complex. At this time, the role of filtration technology in sewage treatment is very important. The so-called filter media are filter materials such as cloth, activated carbon, anthracite, etc., which play different roles in different types of sewage. The filter material with good performance must have sufficient mechanical strength, chemical stability, low price and non-toxic and harmless.

5. Selection of filters for sewage treatment equipment

It can be seen from the above that filtration technology is very important and essential for sewage treatment and even the entire water treatment industry. There are also many types of filters, which can be classified in many aspects, such as the way of operation, the working principle, the filter material, and the flow of water. According to the different operation methods, it can be manual or automatic, according to the working principle, it can be divided into pressure type and gravity type, according to the direction of water flow, it can be divided into upward flow and downward flow, and the different types of filter materials can be divided into sand, mixed filter materials, etc.

The technical requirements for sewage treatment equipment are improving, mainly because the problem of environmental pollution is becoming more and more prominent. Filtration technology is the basis for treating sewage with complex components, and filtration must have sufficient pressure resistance and stability. The filter capacity in our company’s sewage treatment equipment is outstanding, and the high level of automation will not cause secondary pollution.

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