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The problem of domestic water use has attracted more and more people’s attention. Currently, 30% of the families who renovate their houses will consider installing water treatment equipment. However, if you go to the store to buy water equipment without knowing anything about water equipment before, it is often easy to be misled by the concepts of purified water, pure water, and soft water and the statements of the merchants. Therefore, before purchasing, first find out the difference between several common types of water and water equipment.

What kind of water is Purified water

After the tap water is filtered, impurities, suspended solids, bacteria, residual chlorine, pesticide odor, organic pollutants, heavy metals and other harmful substances are removed, and only minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to the human body are retained. . The quality and taste of home filtered purified water is equivalent to bottled mineral water or mineral water.

How to realize direct drinking water at home

It is enough to install a water purifier in the kitchen, and the filtered water flows out from a special clean faucet and can be directly consumed by people. There are two main types of water purifiers, one is a terminal water purifier with a small flow, and the market price ranges from a few hundred yuan to more than 1,000 yuan, which is more suitable for households with a small population; the other is a central water purifier with a flow rate. Larger, more suitable for large rooms and families with a large population, the price is mostly 1,000 yuan to 2,000 yuan, or even higher.

What are the benefits of drinking clean water at home? How much does it cost to use

The biggest advantage is that drinking water is healthier, and it is easy to use, and there is clean water at any time when you turn on the faucet. In terms of cost of use, the cost of the first product is not high. In the later use process, the filter element needs to be replaced on average every one year or so, and the cost is about 200 to 300 yuan. The daily cleaning and maintenance are very convenient, and there is almost no time cost.

what kind of water is pure water

The tap water is filtered to remove all impurities in it, including substances harmful to the human body and minerals and trace elements that are intentional for people, leaving only pure H2O water. The purity of pure water is 100%, does not contain any impurities, and has a better taste, which is equivalent to bottled pure water.

How to realize the direct drinking of pure water at home

Install the pure water machine in the kitchen, the installation location and method are the same as the water purifier, and it is also equipped with a special pure water faucet, which can be directly drunk. The price of water purifiers is slightly more expensive than that of water purifiers, generally around 2,000 yuan.

What are the benefits of pure water? How much does it cost to use

Compared with purified water, pure water has higher purity, better taste, healthier and safer, and is especially suitable for families with the elderly and children. However, the cost of use is slightly higher than that of the water purifier. The cost of purchasing the machine for the first time is higher. The frequency of replacing the filter element in the later period is similar to that of the water purifier, but the price of the filter element is more expensive, about 300 yuan each.

what kind of water is soft water

Ordinary tap water is alkaline, so the water quality is relatively hard. After reducing or removing calcium and magnesium ions in tap water, the water quality changes from hard to soft, that is, soft water. Soft water cannot be directly consumed by people, such as bathing, washing clothes, washing dishes, vegetables and fruits, etc. It feels softer and more comfortable than ordinary tap water.

How to realize household soft water

Install a water softener. One is a water softener that needs to add salt. Its principle is to replace calcium and magnesium ions in tap water through ion exchange to obtain soft water. According to the flow rate, the market price ranges from more than one thousand yuan to four or five thousand yuan. The other is a salt-free water softener, which completely eliminates calcium and magnesium ions in the water through electrolysis. This is more convenient and space-saving, but the price is also more expensive.

What are the benefits of soft water? How much does it cost to use

Soft water feels softer and more comfortable, the washed tableware and clothes are cleaner, and it can prevent scale, protect water pipes and water equipment, and long-term use of soft water for bathing is also better for the skin. However, the cost of using the water softener is still relatively high, especially the salt-added type, which requires an average of 200-300 yuan per month to add salt. And it usually takes time to clean and add salt.

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