The working principle of pure water machine

It adopts RO reverse osmosis membrane technology of American aerospace. The effluent is pure drinking water. The RO membrane filter can be used for two years. It is easy to install. It can be used directly for kitchen water and water dispenser. It is less than 20 when measured with a TDS test pen. Sediment, rust, suspended solids, colloids, different colors and odors, heavy metals, macromolecular organic matter, bacteria. . . Filtration rates were all above 99.99%. Using precision 5PP filter element, high-efficiency granular activated carbon, and high-precision 1PP filter element for pre-filtering. Effectively improve the use effect and service life of RO membrane. The small T33 is installed at the rear to prevent secondary pollution of purified water, inhibit the growth of bacteria, and effectively improve the taste of pure water. Make the water taste slightly sweet.

Filter functions at all levels:

1. The first-level micron-level 5PP filter element

Function: filter large particles of impurities such as sediment and rust, as well as suspended solids and sediments in water. This filter is coarse filter. Large impurities, sediment, rust, etc. are effectively intercepted and attached to the surface of the filter element. The filter will turn yellow or black after a few hours of use. The service life of the filter element depends on the water quality. Generally use 5-8 months or 12 tons of treated water. The water quality with more sediment and rust can be used for a short time. It can be washed once in 1-2 months of use.

2. The second-stage high-efficiency granular activated carbon filter element

Function: Granular activated carbon has a very high adsorption capacity, which can remove organic substances such as residual chlorine, odor, discoloration and strong carcinogen chloroform, and has adsorption effect on heavy metals such as iron and manganese in tap water. Using high-efficiency coconut shell activated carbon as raw material, the filtration area is large and the filtration effect is high. Use for a long time. Generally use 4-8 months or treat 20 tons of tap water.

3. High precision 1PP filter.

Deep filtration again to effectively protect the service life of the RO membrane. Generally use 6-8

4. Fourth stage reverse osmosis membrane filtration

Function: The pressure pump generates high-pressure reverse osmosis, which is reverse osmosis from water with high concentration to water with low concentration. Allows water molecules to permeate out of water through a reverse osmosis membrane. However, heavy metals, organic matter, bacteria, etc. in the water cannot be retained through the reverse osmosis membrane (the pore size of the reverse osmosis membrane is only 0.0001um,). The hardness of the water is effectively reduced by filtering out substances such as colloids in the water. Prevents limescale, etc. from passing through. So that the water is pure without any impurities. The filter is the most sophisticated filter at home and abroad. The highest filtering precision. Reach 0.0001um. Because there are three filter cores as pre-processing. So the filter can be used for 2-3 years.

5. Silver-loaded post-installation antibacterial activated carbon filter

Function: Inhibit and kill the regeneration of bacteria in pure water to ensure pure and sweet taste. Enhance the taste. The use time is about one year.


It is rich in various organic salts and 38 kinds of trace vitamins needed by the human body. It has good dissolution and ion exchange performance. It can mineralize the water quality, improve the PH value of the water quality, weakly alkalize the water quality, and adjust the taste of pure water. It is beneficial to the body to absorb and ensure pure, sweet and delicious. The activated magnetic mineralization filter element has strong far-infrared radiation. When ordinary water molecules come into contact with it, the strong far-infrared radiation of the product will violently oscillate the structure of the water molecule group, making it hydrogen bond. Destruction and fracture, the large water molecule clusters become small water molecule clusters containing only 5 to 6 water molecules. After the activated filter element activates the water, the appearance of the water is crystal clear and the taste is good, and because of its molecular structure and The activation index is unique and has strong penetration, diffusion, dissolution, metabolism, detoxification and oxygenation functions. Drinking activated water can quickly adjust the dielectric balance of the human body, easily quench thirst, and relieve alcohol and oiliness. At the same time, it can also appetizer, aid digestion, and promote metabolism.

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