PVC/PVDF/PES Hollow fiber membrane

Product name:UF membrane
Membrane diameter:4″
Membrane material:PVC
Housing material:ABS
Detained molecular weight:100,000Dalton
Effective membrane surface:3.58m²
End cap material:Epoxy resin
Microbe, pathogen:99.99% removed
Warranty:3 Months
After-sales Service Provided:Video technical support, Field installation, commissioning and training, Field maintenance and repair service, Free spare parts, Online support




1. Brief introduction of PVC/PVDF/PES Hollow fiber membrane

PVC/PVDF/PES Hollow fiber membrane/4″ ultrafiltration filter uf membrane price/Ultra Filtration Hollow Fiber Water Filte/ultrafiltration membrane/filmtec membrane UF 4040/ro water purifier 4040 membrane price. UF membranes is used to remove the suspendid solids from the raw water. What’s more, it could remove the bacteria and virus efeectively to ensure the product water is safe for drinking.

2. Characteristics of PVC/PVDF/PES Hollow fiber membrane

  1. Choose high toughness UPVC material for better anti aging and better acid-alkali resistance; Pressure resistance more than 1.6MPA. With 1mm more thickness on wall, can hold all kinds of pressures.
  2. Special installation way of membrane yarn average division in 5 parts to make sure water average in shell;
  3. More pressure holding with clap on end cover construction and curve end cover construction, avoid leakage or crack caused by sudden high pressure in medium size UF unit;
  4. Connection screws between end cover and shell apply Leakproof antiskid zigzag screw design, it will increase torque force and loading, it will not cause screw loose or leakage.
  5. Splice between shell and thread bushing applying USA splice, splice area increase 10%, it brings average gap, it reaches food grade standard and it will not cause leakage and adhesive failure.
  6. End cap construction applying anti falling off device, it makes epoxy resin and end cover in one complete unit, making sure better connection and air tightness.

3. Technical parameter of PVC/PVDF/PES Hollow fiber membrane

Membrane materialPVC
fiber inlet/outlet diameter0.9mm/1.5mm
Detained molecular weight100,000dalton
Effective membrane surface3.58 m²
Permeate flux(L/H,0.12Mpa,25°C)900
capacity(L/H)60-160L/ m².H
Membrane housing materialABS
End cap materialEpoxy resin
Operation pressure0.1-0.3MPa
Max.feed water pressure0.5MPa
Max.membrane pressure difference0.2MPa
Feed water PH2-12
Operation temperature5℃-45℃
Permeate turbidity< 0.1NTU
Silt density index(SDI)< 1
Suspended solid,particle(>0.2µm)100% removed
Microbe、pathogen99.99% removed
Feed water quality requirementturbidity≤15NTU. (pretreatment should be added when the raw water is from ground, river and well. It is recommended to add precision filter, 100um at least in precision, to ensure the turbidity no more than 15NTU)

4. Advatages:

  1. Comparing to the product of the same kind and specification product, length is lengthen 100mm and membrane area increase 15% in the result of raising of water yield
  2. Conglutinating the joint of shell by French gumwater make sure it not leak and break and perfectly reach sanitation standard
  3. The shell maed of UPVC,is more flexible, resistant to aging, able to bear acid and alkali, and applicable for widely operating condition
  4. Besides UPVC, there are ABS and lucidity polymethyl methacrylate plastics to choose

5.Dimension for PVC/PVDF/PES Hollow fiber membrane:


6. Application

application application--1

7. Warehouse

warehouse1 warehouse2

8. Package 


9. Certification:

ISO9001-2019 safety production licenseCE-certification of RO-water Filtration Drinking Plant

10. Comments from customers:

Comments From Customers

11. Package and transportation:

water Filtration Drinking Plant package and transportation

12. Finished projects:

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