CPI1080 Inside-out UF Filter

Filtration type:Inside-out
Filtration pore (um):0.05
Membrane area(m²):55
Membrane ID/OD (mm):1.2/1.8
Shell material:UPVC
Membrane material:PVDF
After-sales Service Provided:Video technical support, Field installation, commissioning and training, Field maintenance and repair service, Free spare parts, Online support
Product name:UF Membrane
Application:water treatment



1. Brief introduction of CPI1080 Inside-out UF Filter

CPI1080 Inside-out UF Filter SVU membrane modules are created with advanced membrane formation technologies and unique module structures that provide superior filtration efficiency and durability. Inside-out PS Water Treatment UF (ultrafiltration) Membrane Modules SVU-1030.

2. Characteristics of CPI1080 Inside-out UF Filter

  • Permanently Hydrophilic Membrane (proprietary technology): The operation flux of most of UF or MF membrane products is much lower than their initial flux resulting from the loss of membrane hydrophilicity by polymer reconfiguration. Saveyor SVU UF membrane ensures steady flux by fixing the hydrophilicity permanently, using a cross-link technology.
  • Lower Molecular Weight Cut Off: SVU membrane offers very fine filtration at a MWCO at 45,000 Dalton, which is the very high end of UF filtration grade in water treatment
  • Larger Diameter Capillaries: Larger diameters of the capillaries endow better anti-fouling properties to the membranes. Saveyor SVU presents only larger diameter UF capillary membranes (ID/OD=1.0/1.5mm, 1.2/1.8mm, 1.5/2.2 mm) for better performances
  • Even Arrangement of the Membranes (patented technology): A large number of membrane capillaries are evenly distributed inside a pressure vessel by a so-called sub-grouping technology so that each membrane capillary works in very similar environments
  • Soft Potting (patented technology) CPI1080 Inside-out UF Filter: The “roots” of the capillaries are the weakest portions in membrane modules, and may break during operation. These portions of membranes in Saveyor UF modules are protected by a soft layer of potting material.
  • Applications: SVU membrane modules can be used to purify well and surface water for drinking water, to filter sewage and waste water for water recycle, and to treat surface or sea water for RO and NF system.

3. Technical parameter of CPI1080 Inside-out UF Filter

Typical Filtrate Flux 60~120 L/m²•h (100~200 GFD)
Maximum Applied Feed Pressure 0.5 MPa (73 psi)
Maximum TMP 0.2 MPa (30 psi)
Maximum Backwash Pressure 0.2 MPa (30 psi)
CIP Chlorine Concentrate 100~200 ppm
Instantaneous H2O2 Tolerance 200 ppm
Maximum Feed Turbidity 100 NTU
Operating Temperature 5~40 °C (41~104 °F)
Operating pH Range 1~13
Operation Mode Dead-end or crossflow
Backwash Flux 180~240 L/m²•h (306~408 GFD)
Backwash Duration 30~60 seconds
Backwash Frequency 15~120 minutes
CEB Frequency 0~4 times per day
CEB Duration 1~10 minutes
Cleaning Chemicals NaClO or H2O2, NaOH, HCl, citric acid or oxalic acid

4. Model choosing table of CPI1080 Inside-out UF Filter:

SVU-1030-B 1.0/1.5 mm ( 0.039/ 0.059 inch) 23 m² (247.5 ft²)
SVU-1060-B 1.0/1.5 mm ( 0.039/ 0.059 inch) 50 m² (538.1 ft²)
SVU-1080-B 1.0/1.5 mm ( 0.039/ 0.059 inch) 68 m² (731.9 ft²)
SVU-1030-C 1.2/1.8 mm ( 0.047/ 0.071 inch) 19 m² (204.5 ft²)
SVU-1060-C 1.2/1.8 mm ( 0.047/ 0.071 inch) 40 m² (430.5 ft²)
SVU-1080-C 1.2/1.8 mm ( 0.047/ 0.071 inch) 55 m² (592.0 ft²)
SVU-1030-D 1.5/2.2 mm ( 0.059/0.087 inch) 13 m² (139.9 ft²)
SVU-1060-D 1.5/2.2 mm ( 0.059/0.087 inch) 29 m² (312.1 ft²)
SVU-1080-D 1.5/2.2 mm ( 0.059/0.087 inch) 40 m² (430.5 ft²)

5. Application of CPI1080 Inside-out UF Filter

application application--1

6. Warehouse

WAREHOUSE warehouse1

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8. Certification:

ISO9001-2019 safety production licenseCE-certification of RO-water Filtration Drinking Plant

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water Filtration Drinking Plant package and transportation

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