CPA3-LD RO membrane filter

CPA3-LD RO membrane filter

Product name:RO membrane
Salt rejection:99.7%
Effective membrane area:37.5m²
Test pressure:15.5bar
Membrane type:T.F.C
PH range for continue working:2-11
PH range for cleanig:1-13
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1. Brief introduction of CPA3-LD RO membrane filter

CPA3-LD RO membrane filter Composite Polyamide elements set the standard for RO membrane elements-over 11000 gallons per day of pure water are produced. CPA elements for global municipalities and industries 4″ and 8″ configurations available. High salt content water purification HYDRANAUTICS CPA 8″ reverse osmosis membrane elements RO Hydranautics 8040 Reverse Osmosis Desalination Water Purifier System/Ro Membrane For Drinking Water Plant.

2. Operating limits of CPA3-LD RO membrane filter

Maximum Operating Pressure:600psi (4.16 MPa)
Maximum Feed Water Temperature:113°F (45℃)
Maximum Feed Water SDI15:5
Feed Water Chlorine Concentration:< 0.1 ppm
Feed Water pH Range, Continuous Operation:2-11
Feed Water pH Range, Chemical Cleaning:1-13
Maximum Pressure Drop per Element:10psi
Maximum Pressure Drop per Vessel:50 psi

3. Parameter of CPA3-LD RO membrane filter

Washing PH:1.0-12.0
MAX. SDI15:5.0
MAX. Inlet Chlorine:0mg/L
MAX. Operating Pressure:600psi
Inlet Water Flow:4″:16GPM/3.6m³/h
Max.Operating Temperature:113°F/45C

4. Specification

FUNCTIONDesalination rate ,%Average99.5
water productiongpd11000
Effective membrane areaft²400
  thickness of the water network ,mil31
TEST CONDITIONconcentration of testing fluid mg/L1500
pressure,psi (MPa)225 (1.55)
concentration of NaCl ,%15
testing fluid PH6.5-7.0

5. Operating information for CPA3-LD RO membrane filter:

  1. For the recommended design range, please consult the latest Hydranautics technical bulletin, design guide lines, computer design program, and/ or call an application specialist. If the operating limits given in this Product Information Bulletin are not strictly followed, the Limited Warranty will be null and void.
  2. All elements are wet tested, treated with a 1% by weight percent sodium bisulfite storage solution, and then vacuum packed in oxygen barrier bags, or treated with tested feed water solution, and then vacuum packed in oxygen barrier bags with deoxidant inside. To prevent biological growth during short term storage, shipment, or system shutdown, it is recommended that Toray elements be immersed in a protective solution containing 500 – 1,000 ppm of sodium bisulfite (food grade) dissolved in permeate.
  3. The presence of free chlorine and other oxidizing agents under certain conditions, such as heavy metals which acts as oxidation catalyst in the feed water will cause unexpected oxidation of the membrane. It is strongly recommended to remove these oxidizing agents contained in feed water before operating RO system.
  4. Permeate from the first hour of operation shall be discarded.
  5. The customer is fully responsible for the effects of chemicals that are incompatible with the elements.Their use will void the element Limited Warranty

6. Features

  • 99.7% nominal rejection
  • High TOC, silica and hardness rejection
  • Desalting of well waters-municipal drinking water
  • Reducing TDS prior to ion exchange
  • Boiler make-up water
  • Ultrapure water for semi-conductor manufacture

7.Dimension for CPA2-4040 RO filter membrane:

CPA3 LD dimension

8. RO membrane principal and related drawings

membrane process

RO principal

RO membrane construction

9. Package

membrane warehouse

TM710 warehouse

10. Certification:

ISO9001-2019 safety production licenseCE-certification of RO-water Filtration Drinking Plant

11. Comments from customers:

Comments From Customers

12. Package and transportation:

water Filtration Drinking Plant package and transportation

13. Finished projects:

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