Water softener control system, valve, resin principle

For a water softener, the control system, valve, and resin constitute the core of the quality of a household water softener. Among them, the control system is the core of the core, which is equivalent to the headquarters of the water softener. It is the valve head and resin.

resin tank

Industrial resin tanks are single-layer resin tanks, and civilian requirements are double-layer (single-layer FRP tanks have peculiar smell), and the inner layer is made of ABS (food grade), preferably reinforced with steel mesh.
Control system (the core of the water softener)

  • The first generation: mechanical clockwork controller
    In 1925, the mechanical timing controller was invented, which is the most primitive and simplest. It relies on clockwork to set the time. It controls the water softener like an old-fashioned mechanical clock, and cleans and restores working procedures within a certain period of time.
  • The second generation: electronic version of time type, flow type controller
    In the 1960s and 1970s, an electronic version of the time-based flow controller was invented.
    Time type: You can set the reset cleaning time on the control panel. Regardless of whether water is used or not, the machine will reset the reset cleaning time at the set time.
    Flow type: You can set the periodic flow rate on the control panel, and when the set flow rate is used, the machine will resume cleaning. Disadvantages: It is impossible to set the periodic flow rate scientifically, resulting in a great waste of salt and water.
  • The third generation: intelligent computer board control system
    Various parameters are stored in the computer board of the water softener, including resin valve head parameters (exchange capacity, exchange speed, mechanical strength), valve head parameters, salt suction system parameters, etc. These parameters can only be accurate by the long-term practice of the manufacturer. grasp these data. In actual use, the user only needs to input the water hardness on the computer board, and the water softener control system will automatically calculate the periodic water consumption and restore the time to achieve the best salt-saving and water-saving mode.

In practical application, it can save water and salt by more than 50%. The smart computer board can also automatically alarm when the salt tank is short of salt. There are 13 national language options, and there is also a customer water consumption memory function, remaining drinking water display, water consumption statistics, Salt tank night light. A good computer board can control the salt tank to have no water, and only enter the water when it is restored. The intelligent system also has a dual reducing agent mode (NaCl and KCl), and can also be set to a time mode under certain circumstances, and even has remote monitoring technology.


The quality of the resin is mainly reflected in the exchange capacity, exchange speed, and mechanical strength. The theoretical service life of the resin is permanent, which can reach 40-50 years. The resin is most afraid of iron poisoning (that is, iron pollution) and active chlorine poisoning. In China, due to the use of bleaching powder, chlorine gas and iron pipes, the most Good resin can be used for about 20 years, and the poor one is only 2 or 3 years. Resin is also divided into food grade and industrial grade, and it must pass the US NSF test before it can be used in civilian drinking water.
The formula resin process is only used by leading manufacturers in the industry. It needs to study more than 1 million water samples around the world. It can only be mastered after years of experience. Different formulas will be used for different regions. In the field of industry, the formula of resin depends on the selection and matching of resin type, resin variety, and resin diameter. For example, the water softeners of major international brands, the water softeners sold in Asia and the US use different resins, so that they can better meet the local water quality and make the effect better.
The reduction point of the resin is also an important issue. Each resin will have a critical point in the actual use process. Only the manufacturer can obtain this critical point after years of in-depth research, and only professional manufacturers in the industry It can draw the “resin reduction rate-salt consumption curve” of the resin you use, which can maximize the efficiency of the machine and have better performance in saving salt and water. For the setting of the resin reduction point, if the reduction time does not reach the critical point of the resin, it will cause a great waste of water and salt. If the time is greater than the critical point of the resin, more salt and water are needed to restore, and the resin will be shortened. service life.
Resins are represented by Rohm and Haas resins under the Dow Chemical Company. Rohm and Haas can produce hundreds of different types of resins and is the largest professional resin manufacturer in the world.


The valve block is made of copper, or high-strength plastic with Teflon coating. Generally speaking, copper has high strength and strong resistance to water pressure impact, but it is not wear-resistant and prone to water leakage. It is widely used in industries. Plastics are mostly used in household minicomputers, and the plastic plus Teflon coating performs very well in heat resistance, insulation, stability and wear resistance, and can reduce the importance of the machine.
In the design of the valve , there are humanized designs for forward injection regeneration, reverse flow regeneration, and bypass (supply tap water during regeneration). Countercurrent regeneration can speed up the reduction speed and improve the reduction efficiency, and it performs very well in saving salt and water. There are good valve  on the market that are specially designed for household water treatment environments, which can be called “household valve “, while Fleck valve , Atuzu (now known as GE) valve , Yrel valves, etc. The first class is designed for industrial water treatment, called “industrial valve “. The industrial valve is generally plunger type, with a large number of components, complex structure, low operational reliability, inconvenient maintenance, and waste salt wastewater. The household type valve  is a disc valve, which is specially designed for the household water treatment environment. The number of components is less than half of the industrial type valve, and the structure is simple and easy to maintain. In particular, the work is stable and reliable, the failure rate of long-term operation is extremely low, and it saves salt and water.

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