Fully automatic softened water equipment controller: new automatic control microprocessor control equipment product features


The new automatic control Wei processor controls the equipment to automatically supply water, backwash, salt absorption, regeneration, and wash processes, which can realize unmanned management. Continuous and stable water supply; automatic regeneration at regular and constant flow rate to ensure the production of high-quality softened water. The reasonable and compact structure of the integrated soft water exchange tank and control valve saves installation space and further improves operational reliability.

Multifunctional brine system:

It can automatically dissolve salt, automatically absorb salt, and automatically adjust the salt water level to ensure reliable automatic regeneration.

Uniform water distribution system

It can provide a uniform water flow in the tank to ensure efficient use of resin and prevent resin loss.
The super anti-corrosion performance prevents the regenerant and harsh environment from corroding the equipment.

Low energy consumption

Self-water consumption<2% of water production, salt consumption<100g/mmol, power consumption 10W-40W, power consumption equivalent to 1% of water softening equipment

Flexible design selection

Optional single tank, multi-tank system, time, flow control mode; one use one backup, alternate regeneration and other operation modes.

Equipment operation regeneration

  • Each step of equipment operation and regeneration is automatically controlled, and the working procedure is as follows:
  • Water supply-untreated water passes through the resin layer, exchange reaction occurs, and soft water is produced;
  • Backwashing-water enters from the bottom of the resin to loosen the resin and remove fine debris;
  • Inlet brine regeneration-use higher concentration of brine to flow through the resin to restore the spent resin to sodium-type usable resin.
  • Flushing–Follow the process of water supply to flush the excess salt solution through the resin and regenerate the exchanged Ca2+ Mg2+, etc.
  • Water injection–inject water into the salt tank to dissolve the salt for the next regeneration.

Operation mode

Single tank-suitable for equipment with regular water consumption within a day, and can be used during resin regeneration without water supply. If equipped with water equipment, a water tank with water consumption for 2-3 hours. It can realize intermittent water supply.
Two tanks, one use and one backup-to achieve continuous water supply, always one tank for water supply and one tank for regeneration or standby, and manual regeneration.
Multi-tank system-continuous uninterrupted water supply, computer control, staggered regeneration. Suitable for equipment with large water consumption. Double-tank and multi-tank systems, except for small-sized double-tank simultaneous water supply equipment, all have flow control.

Hardness Water Softening System

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