Features And Functions Of Multi-valve Controller

1. Controller performance characteristics

The multi-valve control system consists of a signal distributor and a time/flow program controller, which are fixed in the waterproof controller housing. The signal distributor is a rotary guide valve that guides the opening and closing of each diaphragm valve on the liquid or gas signal source switching equipment, thereby completing the automatic control of the equipment system. The spool of the signal distributor is made of sturdy, corrosion-resistant, self-lubricating material, which has the characteristics of long service life and no maintenance. The valve to perform the operation is the hydraulic or pneumatic diaphragm valve that has been used at home and abroad. It can be 1.5″-6″ and can be used with 600-3000 tanks. This kind of valve is cheap, easy to install, and easy to maintain. Professionals can complete inspection, maintenance, replacement and other operations.

2. the function of the multi-valve controller

  1. Set password protection
  2. Perpetual calendar display
  3. Regeneration steps and regeneration time decreasing display
  4. External control signal chain control and step signal output
  5. Five modes: timing start, interval time start, remote transmission (flow or analysis instrument) contact start, local temporary start and local forced start
  6. Forced stepping start (used for on-site debugging)
  7. The original position is automatically reset
  8. Regenerative program steps (1-8) and each step time (5-9999 seconds) can be set arbitrarily
  9. System status signal display (such as system working or regeneration status feedback signal display)
  10. Power failure protection function: the set parameter retention time is greater than 3 years
  11. The instrument shell is made of engineering plastics, which has the functions of dustproof, anticorrosion, and waterproof sputtering.

3. the working principle of the signal distributor

The distributor is driven to rotate by a small motor controlled by a time or flow programmer, or it can be rotated manually. Turning to different positions, one or several channels are opened or closed. The position number of the distributor channel corresponds to the system operation step (Figure 1 and Table 1). The opened channel guides the signal pressure source to drive the diaphragm valve, and at the same time Drain the other diaphragm valves and restore their normal positions.
The signal pressure source for driving the diaphragm valve can be liquid or gas. Since there is no need for continuous voltage like the control solenoid valve, the breakdown and maintenance work caused by electricity is greatly reduced.
Various combination designs of various distributors and time sequencers can meet the complex program control requirements of various water treatment systems.

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