The RO machine is a quality water supply, no waste water!

Because it can remove all kinds of harmful impurities in the water, with high efficiency and thorough removal, RO machine effluent is currently the safest and most reliable drinking water. There is no waste water in RO machine! It has only one inlet water (or “raw water”) and two outlet waters, namely “permeated water” (i.e. purified water, drinking water) and “concentrated water” (i.e. purified water, washing water).

RO machine is a good quality water supply system. Tap water is filtered by PP melt-blown filter element, granular activated carbon adsorption filtration, compressed activated carbon filtration and other three pretreatments (removal of residual chlorine in the water, most of the suspended solids, rust, colloids, etc.) As well as some organic matter, smell and taste), a small part of the water is then subjected to reverse osmosis (removal of various impurities in the water, including bacteria and other microorganisms, and made “permeate water”) and post-positioned granular activated carbon adsorption filtration (further removal of organic matter , Smell and taste, improve the taste), to prepare pure drinking water for drinking; and most of the water (concentrated water) has gone through the first three stages and failed to undergo the post-secondary treatment, and becomes purified water and flows out as washing water. In the daily life of the family, the demand for washing water happens to be much larger than that of drinking water, such as washing rice, washing vegetables, washing pots, dishes and tables, washing clothes, mopping floors, and flushing toilets. . .

RO machine concentrated water has undergone three treatments, so in addition to higher salt content than tap water, most other indicators, such as turbidity, color, residual chlorine, smell and taste, organic matter, suspended matter, colloid, COD (chemical Oxygen consumption), TOC (total organic carbon), SDI (pollution index), etc., are all much better than tap water! RO machine concentrated water passes through the first three treatments, but fails to pass the latter two. Therefore, it is completely wrong to call RO concentrated water “wastewater”!


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