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FLECK is one of the earliest manufacturers of automatic control devices for water treatment equipment in the world. Today, the output value of FLECK’s products has been in a leading position in the same industry in the world for several consecutive years. FLECK control valves have become widely used in the water treatment industry. The product. American Fleck 2850 single-piston industrial console valve is suitable for single-tank systems, filters, boiler water softeners, and other industrial soft water.


  • Five-step regeneration steps, backwash, salt absorption and slow rinsing, fast rinsing, salt tank replenishment, the time can be adjusted\
  • Time-tested hydraulically balanced pistons, seals and dividers to regulate water flow and regeneration
  • The valve body material is lead-free brass, which is strong and can withstand high pressure
  • Can be made into 30″ diameter softening system
  • 1-1/2″ top mounted control valve for small commercial/industrial systems
  • The regeneration can be triggered by 7 or 12 days, and the regeneration can also be triggered by the flow rate or configured as a manual operation.
  • Effective for filter system

Xi’an CHIWATEC Water Treatment Technology is a high-tech enterprise specialized in various water processing devices. Aside from these individual products, which cover a number of types and series, we can also help with related comprehensive engineering projects. Thanks to our hard work and dedication upon our founding, we are now one of the fastest-developing water treatment equipment manufacturers in Western China.

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