Fleck softened water equipment automatic softener operation procedure steps

The regeneration of the automatic water softener can be started according to time or flow. The working process of the water softener is generally composed of the following steps:

1. run (work)

Under a certain pressure (0.2-0.6Mpa) and flow rate, the raw water enters the container (resin tank) containing the ion exchange resin through the valve cavity of the controller. The Na+ contained in the resin and the cations (Ca2+, Mg2+, Fe2+) in the water … etc.) to exchange, so that the Ca2+, Mg2+ ion content of the container effluent reaches the established requirements, and the softening of hard water is realized.

2. Backwash

After the resin fails, backwash with water from bottom to top before regeneration. There are two purposes of backwashing. One is to loosen the compressed resin layer during operation through backwashing, which is conducive to the full contact between resin particles and regeneration liquid; discharge, so that the water flow resistance of the exchanger will not increase.

3. Regenerating salt absorption

Under a certain concentration and flow rate, the regeneration salt solution flows through the failed resin layer to restore the original exchange capacity.

4. Replacement (slow cleaning)

After the regeneration liquid is fed, there is still salt liquid in the exchanger that has not participated in the regeneration and exchange. Use clean water less than or equal to the regeneration liquid flow rate for cleaning (slow cleaning), so as to make full use of the regeneration effect of the salt liquid and reduce the normal washing. load.

5. Positive wash (quick wash)

The purpose is to remove the residual regeneration waste liquid in the resin layer, usually at a normal flow rate until the water is qualified.

6. Filling the regenerant tank with water

Inject the water with the salt amount required for the regeneration of the solution into the regenerant tank.

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