Now that the amount of sewage is gradually increasing, which seriously pollutes our living environment, different types of sewage treatment equipment appear, so today, let’s learn how the glass fiber reinforced plastic integrated sewage treatment equipment works.

With people’s attention to environmental protection and the intensification of water pollution and shortage of water resources, people have begun to make efforts to improve the environment in many ways. The use of sewage treatment equipment is an effective way to solve water pollution and improve the recycling rate of sewage. In the sewage treatment equipment market, there are many excellent processing equipment, and the FRP integrated wastewater treatment equipment is one of the excellent equipment.

FRP sewage treatment integrated equipment is a relatively advanced sewage treatment equipment. This equipment adopts the world’s advanced biological treatment process, BOD5 removal, COD and NH3-N, and is an effective sewage treatment equipment. Glass fiber reinforced plastic sewage treatment integration.

The treatment equipment is widely used in the sewage treatment of high-end hotels, villas and residential areas. The removal rate of replacement is very low, and the treated water cannot meet the national discharge standards for integrated septic tanks. Field application shows that the integrated sewage treatment equipment is an ideal and convenient management equipment.

The removal of organic pollutants and ammonia nitrogen in the FRP integrated sewage treatment equipment mainly relies on the AO biological treatment process of the equipment. In this type of works, due to the high concentration of organic sewage gas state, the microorganisms are facultative microorganisms, and they decompose organic wastewater in NH3-N ammonia, and at the same time use organic carbon as an electron donor to convert no ˉ2N, no ˉ3 nitrogen. Part used for N2, and organic carbon source and NH3-N synthesis of new cellular material.

Therefore, the primary pond not only has certain biological functions, but also reduces the organic load of the subsequent aerobic ponds. It is aimed at nitrification and relies on the high concentration of organic matter in the raw water to complete the existence of denitrification and eliminate nitrogen eutrophication pollution. At the level of O, there is still a certain amount of organic matter, due to the significant reduction of ammonia nitrogen at higher concentrations of organic matter. In order to further oxidatively decompose organic matter, and at the same time to proceed smoothly under fully nitrified carbonation conditions, aerobic biological contact oxidation pools with low organic load are set at the O level.

In the o-stage, there are mainly aerobic microorganisms and bacterial oxygen types. Aerobic microorganisms decompose organic matter into CO2 and H2O, autotrophic bacteria use inorganic carbon from organic matter in the air as nutrients or NH3-N produced by CO2 decomposition, ˉ transformed sewage flows into ˉ2N,NˉPart 3,O of the pool The water is returned to a swimming pool in the class to provide electron acceptors in the primary pool to remove nitrogen pollution through denitrification.

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