Description of the process flow of groundwater and well water treatment equipment produced by CHIWATEC

Process flow of well water and groundwater treatment equipment

The treatment of well water and groundwater is mainly to remove harmful substances such as iron manganese, ammonia nitrogen, silt, scale, etc., so that the quality of the treated water reaches the national drinking water standard.

At present, the treatment of well water and groundwater is mainly to remove iron and manganese. Because in our country, the content of iron and manganese in groundwater is quite high. The removal of iron and manganese mainly adopts aeration and filtration. The filter medium used for filtration usually uses quartz sand and manganese sand. It is filtered through activated carbon and precision filter. After treatment, the water quality can basically reach the national drinking water standard. Most of the ammonia nitrogen uses ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis filtration processes, and silt and scale can be filtered with multi-media filtration and ion exchange softening devices.

Groundwater generally has high water content, high hardness and alkalinity, low colloid and suspended solid content, low color and turbidity, but such water sources may contain ferrous ions, manganese ions, silicic acid compounds, etc. . Therefore, aeration or oxidation can be used for the pretreatment of this type of water source, the purpose is to oxidize ferrous ions to iron ions, and then coagulate and filter. When the H content is high, the CO2 can be removed by adding acid. If the silicon content is too high, the silica fouling can be prevented by adding a dispersant, adjusting the pH and temperature, etc.

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